Thursday, September 14, 2017

I’m sewing (occassionally)

A bit of a catch up post on things I’m working on. Summer is definitely over here. We never had a lot of it and I’m now sewing garments for fall/winter.

This first project is a blouse from a Burda pattern (I’ll check on the number in a future post about the finished garment). A fabric that feels as as silk and behaved like it too. Very slippery and difficult to work with. I used loads of starch to control it. It’s finished and washed to remove the starch. Just waiting for an iron before I can take proper pictures.

IMG_5616 (002)

This week I started a Burda dress from the January 2017 issue. The fabric is very dark navy and black. The picture on me shows the colour best, the other is made lighter to show the print better. I love the neckline. A bit too deep (Burda!) but will fix that. I won’t make the skirt as it is designed (pleats on the hips are a big NO for me).

FullSizeRender (003)FullSizeRender (004)

Another project for my daughter. A dress from an Ottobre magazine. Almost as easy as a t-shirt.

IMG_5719 (002)

And for fun: a picture of my daughter and me on a little trip we took together to Stockholm. Lovely days!

IMG_5650 (002)


  1. Al projects look nice including the Stockholm picture

  2. Nice projects! Couldn't agree more on the lousy summer weather. Everytime I was ready to take the tripod out for blog pictures it started raining again. Can't decide weather I'll finish my summer projects (and be prepared for whenever those three rays of sunshine show up next year) or put them away and concentrate on fall sewing. Love that Stockholm picture!

  3. Nice project - I'm looking forward to seeing them finished. The navy/black print is lovely.

  4. Oh, I was also planning on making the woollen dress from Burda January 2017, but I don't want pleats on my hips either. So I hope you will explain how you changed the skirt.

    Regards from Catalonia,

    1. Just this moment finished the pattern for my skirt. I will show what I did.