Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The pair of pants saved

As mentioned in the post about the horrible mistake of sewing the pockets in the back of a pair of pants I did want to finish them after all, because of the promise I made my daughter. She needs a couple of new pants and this was the first pair, more or less a trial version.

I have no photos of her wearing them, she took them home with her and I will hear from her whether they are comfortable in wearing so that I can make more.

This is how the back bacame. The pattern has no seams, I made a more sporty version of it, correcting the mistake. I had no fabric left to cut new back parts.


The front is as basic is the front of trousers can be. Here I changed the difficult pocket flaps to regular inseam pockets. I had no interest any more to do the pockets as in the pattern and if there’s a next version it will probably be inseam pockets again.


The pockets are the most difficult part of this pattern. Apart from my own mistake in sewing them in the wrong pattern piece I think a “normal” single welt pocket or the “pocket window” construction that I tried would be better. Other then that this is a very straightforward pattern that is easy to sew.


  1. I am so happy you could make yourself get these handed off to your daughter. I slso struggle with finishing those items that go wrong in the middle, but for me... just about everything takes an interesting turn in the middle. I keep telling myself it is just practice, which works for me. For you, please consider that you are a world-wide teacher and are simply demonstrating to your students how to recover from mistakes. May not be easy to think this new way, but it is true. We highly value inspiration like your situation.

  2. The pants look just great. No one would know how you struggled. They look perfect. Brava!

  3. You know, that looks cute! I know it started out as a booboo, but you made it work.

    We've all done something like that, I was cutting open some buttonholes on a pretty dress made out of fabric I'd saved and, you guessed it, slipped and cut a huge horizontal rip right at the boobies. It was like a 6" buttonhole with peekaboo. Sigh. Life went on. :-)

  4. Great save! They look really good.

  5. Mooi opgelost. Evt. kun je het nog doorstikken, dan lijkt het alsof het de bedoeling was.