Thursday, September 28, 2017

Dress muslin

The muslin of the upper part of the dress was easily made. I only cut seam allowances to the shoulder, side and center back seam. Then I marked with carbon tracing paper and stitched it together.
The result was definitely in the right direction, but a few changes were necessary.
I cut this on the bias, as I intend to do on with the fashion fabric too.

The back: I did not sew  the back darts and therefor took some extra space from center back and removed a bit of the side seam. It’s too wide and the back armhole is gaping a bit.
The back with a bit more taken from the side seam and just a little bit taken from the armhole, tapering to nothing in the back neck.
The front doesn’t look bad, no gaping at the armhole, cowl depth is fine. It could be a little less wide at the side seams too.
I haven’t made a dress from this sloper with a waist seam. Seeing these pictures and the line marking the waist, I think my waistline is too low. I’d like to hear your opion on that.
This is the front after the side seams are taken in a bit. Could be a bit less?
Before and after of the armhole. The armhole on the sloper is fine for a garment with sleeves. You need a bit more room for movement of your arms. On a sleeveless dress this is not an issue and I took out about 1 cm.

Any thoughts on improving the fit are welcome and appreciated.


  1. If you really want critique? The back neck leans away from your spine/neck, may need a little taken out on CB above the shoulders? I liked the front looser, and the only way I could be certain about waist line position is to baste the skirt on, especially as it is on bias and will be pulled down by the weight of the skirt

    1. Thank you for your thoughts, I do appreciate them. I will definitely baste the skirt first to see how the waistline fits then.

  2. As a shirt I think it is too short on trouwsers. The fabric is a bit stiff for the drape. If you want toen make a dress with a waistline it should be much higher. But I like the way you solved Th problems with the gaping.

    IT is difficult tot comment positive but I really like the garment.

    1. You are right, this is the muslin for the top of a dress only. Dank je wel voor je reactie.