Thursday, September 21, 2017

A blouse with dots

I showed pictures of my work in progress last week. All three projects are finished, my daughters dress has already left the house (in the form of her wearing it before I had a chance to take photos).


Let’s focus on the blouse for this post. It’s a nice pattern, Burda 6632. To my surprise it was very long and very wide, I took off a bit while normally I have to add length. I didn’t change the length of the sleeves either.

A more major change was made to the placket. The pattern has only buttons as decoration element, they’re not functional and there’s a seam at center front, no overlap. I wanted to have a placket which overlaps and using buttonholes. Not very difficult, but somehow it took me a while to grasp what and where I had to change.

The fabric was, as I said already, very difficult to work with and I used starch to keep it from slipping away continuously. I was asked what I use and it’s a spray starch that’s sold here in the supermarket. On the bottle it says it’s to make ironing easier and giving it a bit more stability (the starch). For me this little amount of starch was enough to help me in construction.


The photos of me wearing the blouse. As so often, Burda’s neckline is deep, this blouse requires a camisole.



  1. It is a lovely blouse. Thanks for sharing steps in your process. I am trying to slow down before cutting, to make some measurements of what I like and adjusting before picking up scissors. I am short so often have to take out length and raise necklines-Burda has surprised me several times... and while I have a few camisoles I don't always want to have to wear one with anew top. Love the colors of your fabric. Makes me want to go sew... we just moved and my tools are all still oavked away.

  2. Beautiful blouse! Your fabric is lovely.

  3. Lovely! Thanks for sharing the type of starch you used. Must give it a try.

  4. Mooie blouse maar je kunt een maatje kleiner nemen. De bolletjes lopen ook prachtig door.



  5. Love this! I love the fabric and I like how you changed the placket. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to grasp. I really like it tucked in but it looks great no matter how you are wearing it.

  6. When I tried to get myself a bit more organized last year, I discovered I had like eight cans of spray starch. EIGHT CANS! Maybe it's the universe telling me to work with some slippery fabric 😀 Nice top. And, way to upgrade it with functional plackets.


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