Sunday, April 30, 2017

The magazine goes to …


I’m a day later than I said I would post this. Just didn’t have time yesterday. There were 14 ladies interested and the majority for the Knip mode magazine.


Anne, if you send me an email with the address to send the Knip mode to, I’ll post it to you this week. Hope you enjoy it.


As much as I hoped to finish the pants yesterday, that didn’t work out either. We got a lot of work done in the allotment garden. Such fun to eat lettuce we’ve sown and grown ourselves (in the greenhouse).


And it looks like we’re going to have tomatoes. They survived the cold spell we had (the greenhouse is not heated).


My next post will be sewing related, I promise.


  1. Congratulations to Anne! The lettuce does look nice. I am an apartment dweller, so my farming is restricted to herbs in window boxes for now.

  2. Great to hear that your lettuce and tomatoes are going well. I started a small raised bed last year and loved having fresh tomatoes for salads. They are so much tastier than the store-bought offerings.

  3. Your vegetables look wonderful. Enjoy. We worked in our garden this weekend too. I am slowly deer proofing my garden. So sad, but they are incredibly destructive. There is one young doe who is really bold. I know it's her since she is smaller and she stares at me and does not startle at all.