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10 years of blogging

This week is my 10th blogversary. I can’t believe it, 10 years! And yet, on April 27, 2007 I posted my first blog post and this skirt was the first project I blogged about:

Now I would say that these are not  my colours, but I loved that skirt and have worn it often.

So many things happen in 10 years, both in sewing and in personal life. I never said much about my personal life on my blog, but as in any life there were ups and downs. Moving house last year certainly feels like a positive change and both DH and I are happy with the place we live now. Our children grew up and from teenagers became young adults that study, work, travel and see more of the world than I did at their age. I’m a proud mother .

I thought it would be nice to make a selection of garments I made in those 10 years but that’s not working. Quite a few photos on the blog have been lost, probably because of Picasa stopped being available. What’s left really is a trip down memory lane for me (garments I didn’t like that much after all, garments that I loved and wore till they fell apart, garments that have special memories), but hey, why should I bother you with that. If you want to, you can still see the old posts, I’ve not removed anything.

If you’ve followed me that long (and I know some of you do, thank you!!) you’ll know I wrote a lot about lingerie sewing in the beginning. That was new, no one was writing about it then. My sewing evolved and I took on more difficult projects, started to draft some of my garments and wrote about that process too.

Apart from the writing itself, starting this blog about sewing 10 years ago and posting reviews on Pattern Review opened a new world for me. Till then sewing was a solitary hobby for me. None of my friends sewed. Through blogging I found new friends who sew and don’t find it strange if I send them a picture of fabric and/or pattern with the question whether it matches, or asking for advice on something sewing related. Some I meet in real life, with others I discuss sewing through e-mails. Some friends I now see regularly and with quite a few we have the annual sewing get-together in Canterbury. Can’t imagine my life without those real-life or distant friends any more. I’m very grateful to have met you all.

The blogging world has changed over the years. I won’t go into that much, others have done that more eloquently than I can. My blogging and sewing has changed too, not with more frequent, sponsored posts, but less posts in more infrequent intervals. Sometimes I can write 3 posts in a week, then disappear again for a few weeks. It’s what it is, there are only 24 hours in a day and so much I want to do. There certainly is also a lot sewing related that I want to do and I will continue writing my irregular posts about it.

Thank you for reading my blog, cheering me by your comments. It’s lovely to be part of the international sewing community. As it’s been a long time I’ve done this, I do a give-away to celebrate my blogversary. I’ll give away a copy of the May issue of Knip mode or BurdaStyle (Dutch editions). Leave a comment on this post, indicating whether you’d like the Knip mode or BurdaStyle. I’ll do a draw next Saturday, April 29). I’ll send it anywhere in the world (it’s just one magazine, but you may choose which one you want).

Knip mode line drawings

BurdaStyle overview


To conclude: StyleArc Evie top, almost finished. It has a high hem in front, lower in the back. Great style for working in my allotment garden. Certainly a nice style for wearing in general too.


  1. Congratulations for your 10th anniversary! I haven't been sewing that long myself, had sewn as a teenager but started again in 2012. I have been following you for about a year, I believe.
    I agree that blogging makes you part of the sewing community. You can find me at, I blog in Catalan and English.
    Thank you for all the knowledge you share and your detailed posts.

  2. Wow 10 years of blogging. I looked on mine and I started in 2008. I have not yet been lured into bra making. I too have no local sewing friends but have met up with people a few times which has been really nice.
    I regularly buy BurdaStyle so would be interested in KnipMode if I were lucky enough to be drawn.
    Here's to many more years!

  3. I don't comment often but I certainly appreciate your posts. The sewing blogging community has become very important to me. Thanks and I'd be interested in KnipMode drawing. Karen

  4. Congratulations, and many thanks!, for your ten years of blogging. I always learn a few things whenever I pop into your site. I am a lone stitcher as well, although my 18 year old daughter is a creator and fearless with fabric and my sewing machine. Please don't put me into the drawing - i get enough inspiration from all of you most generous bloggers who share so much - knowledge, relationship, inspiration and community. Best wishes on your garden and other projects...looking forward to whatever you care to share in the future.

  5. Congratulations on 10 years! I remember when you started blogging and have been reading your posts since then. I haven't always left a comment but I have followed along on all your adventures and avidly remember reading your lingerie posts. I was in awe of the lingerie you made and now 10 years later there is a Big4 pattern for lingerie. You're right the sewing blogosphere has changed!

    Don't enter me for the drawing of the Burda or Knip Mode because someone who would actually use them should win one.

    I will continue to follow along as long as you continue to post!

  6. Congratulations! 10 years is a long time. I've been blogging for 3 years and even in that time there have been many changes. I enjoy your blog and will continue to follow along and read whenever you post, commenting occasionally if I feel I have something to say. Good luck!
    Should I be lucky enough to be drawn, I would prefer Knipmode. Thank you

  7. Wow! Happy blogiversary! I love seeing what you make and enjoy your posts.

  8. Congratulations from me as well! I have only been in the Blogger world for about the last 4 years but very early on was intrigued by your lovely lingerie. Your work is always perfect and I much enjoy visiting your blog! If Lady Luck looks my way I like Knipmode a lot!
    Kind regards,

  9. Happy blog anniversary Sigrid! You are a wonderful seamstress and blogger.

  10. Happy Blogaverary. 10 years is really a milestone. Perferance is for Burda if I happen to win.

  11. Congratulations on 10 years, Sigrid -- that's a huge achievement!

  12. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary! 10 years, great achievement.

  13. I've been garment sewing more consistently since 2010 and I've always enjoyed and appreciated your blog posts. You have a quiet but persistent way of following your own path in sewing and style that I find very inspiring, and you share your knowledge, skill, and enjoyment in equal measure. I would love to try the Knip Mode magazine as I've never used one.

  14. Congratulations! I don't often comment but I enjoy your blog. You are an inspiration!
    If I was lucky enough to win I'd love to recieve a copy of Knipmode.

  15. No magazines for me. Just want to congratulate you on your blogversary and thank you for your time in writing your posts. I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate the time you take to write your posts.

    Joanne in Montreal

  16. Congratulations, Sigrid! I have really enjoyed your blog over the years, and learned quite a few things too. After much delay, I will finally be making a go at sewing my first bra - something I could not have conceived of a few years back. I have really been inspired by your lovely work. Thank you!

    (And if I am lucky enough to be chosen, I'd love a copy of Knipmode as I subscribe to Burdastyle already).

  17. Have so enjoyed knowing you through your blog Sigrid, your skills and creativity are inspiring. All the very best for the next 10 years, sounds like you are in a happy place ;)

  18. I believe I have been enjoying your blog for all ten years! I'm still thinking about starting a blog for my sewing!
    Thank you for all your wonderful posts. I'm not choosing a magazine because I have too many patterns already.
    Enjoy your new house and garden.

  19. 10 years is a wonderful accomplishment. May you have many more blogging years in you. If you feel like sending a Knipmode to Australia, that would be great I am a Burda collector from way back and have many already. Cheers!

  20. Happy aniversary! I do enjoy your blog, I just find it hard to believe that it's been 10 yrs... Looking forward to 10 more to come.
    If I am lucky I'd like Knip Mode as we can't get that in Sweden.

  21. Congratulations, Sigrid! Your blog is so inspirational. I have a preference for infrequent bloggers as it means you post when you have something to tell, not just because it is Wednesday. Life is too short to spend time on reading filler blog posts. When one of your posts pops up in my reader I know it's always worth reading. Looking forward to the next ten years!
    (Please don't put me in the draw as unlike other followers I am so lucky to have easy access to both magazines)

  22. Congratulations, Sigrid! Thank you for keep blogging. You always have such interesting information to share, I look forward to read your posts.

    Plese don't put in the draw, as I have acess to those sewing magazines

  23. Congratulations and thank you for maintaining your blog. I've enjoyed all your posts and learn a lot from you too. Don't include me in your kind giveaway as I have more than enough patterns (and fabric) but far too little time :)

  24. Thanks for your blog. I really enjoy following your sewing adventures.

  25. Congratulations on a grea blog and your fabulous sewing and drafting skills. Thank you for sharing with us. If chosen, I'd love the KnipMode as I've never tried their patterns. It sew mostly Burda now so it would be fun to try KnipMode too! Thank you!

  26. Sigrid, I'm so grateful for you and your blog. It was you who introduced me to lingerie and bra sewing. Something I never would have attempted without you cheering and helping from the sidelines. I can't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting you twice. You've been on the kindest most helpful people I've met through sewing and I can't thank you enough. Keep on keeping on. I for one will be here reading along with you!


  27. Congrats on your 10 years! I don't comment but I love following your blog. If I happened to win I would love the Knipmode as I cannot get it where I live.

  28. Oh, how amazing that ten years have slipped by so quickly! No need to enter me into the drawing ... I just wanted to send you a "virtual hug" and thank you for all the joy that your blog has brought me, over the years.

  29. I think I have been following you for five years since I started sewing, and you are my favorite blog-esspecially after I started to take online drafting classes. I would like to enter the knipmode lottery since it is not available in Turkey.

  30. Wauw. Gefeliciteerd met je lustrum... knap om het zo lang vol te houden...

  31. I have followed you for many years but have not left many comments. I have found much inspiration from your blog and encouragement in my sewing. I thank you for all the details you give, they are very helpful.
    Congratulations on your anniversary.


  32. Ten years is such an achievement and just want to send my thanks for so many, many informative, helpful and wonderfully inspiring posts. It takes effort and dedication to write, take pictures and blog but you described the rewards perfectly. When I started to blog, only six years ago, I took a course at the local adult education center. The young woman was all about getting hits and statistics and therefore revenue and acclaim. She was almost pulled when I said I just wanted to reach out and make friends. I am happy for people who have been discovered from their terrific blogs and can turn their passion into a profession but I just love sharing sewing adventures, the good and the bad. Cheers!!!

  33. Congratulations. I often read your blog, but don't comment - so I shall not put my hand up for the draw, I don't think that is fair, I think it should go to one of your commenters. I liek your detailed posts.

  34. Thank you so much for sharing and happy 10 year Blog-versary! :)

    Don't include me in the drawing...I'm just here to say I hope you continue to blog!

  35. Happy blogiversary! I've been following you for about five years and find your lingerie posts very inspiring tho' I have not managed to try anything on my own -yet.
    I would never live anywhere but Canada yet I find myself a wee little bit jealous of the variety of sewing resources available overseas -fabric, notions and sewing magazines. I can get Burda here but I haven't seen Knipmode anywhere.
    I wish you years of happy crafting!

  36. Hi Sigrid,

    Proficiat met je blogjubileum. Tien jaar is een hele tijd. Ik ben pas halverwege. Ik leer altijd veel van je blogs. Ik reageer vaker nu ik weet dat je ook Nederlands kunt lezen maar ik verwacht niet dat je in het Nederlands terug reageert hoor. Ik beveel altijd je tips en trucs bij iedereen aan.

    Keep blogging and sewing,


  37. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary! I wish you many more years of sewing. I hope that you will continue to share some or all of your projects. I've enjoyed following your blog for a long time. Thank you for the opportunity!

    Rose in SV

  38. Happy 10th anniversary Sigrid :-)

    I love reading your blog and seeing what you are making. It is interesting to read your perspective on how your blog has changed over the time. I am eternally grateful for the detail you put into your posts and I learnt so much from reading them. You've got me hooked on lingerie making - something I never would have attempted without your tutorials. Thank-you!

  39. Marvelous accomplishment making it to 10 years blogging! It's such a learning process and we all gain from it. :) Hooray for you!

  40. Happy "Blogoversary", Sigrid! I started my blog only a few months earlier than you did (January 2007) and what a fun ride it has been! Yes blogging has changed, but it makes me happy that a few of us still endure and keep faithful to the same principles that made us start it all together. Cheers from Portugal!

  41. Congratulations on your 10 years of blogging! I'm pretty sure that I have been reading since the very beginning, although I'm a lousy commenter since I use RSS aggregator. But you have been a favorite of mine for as long as I remember!

  42. Congratulations on your Bloganiversary! I love Reading your blog and seeing what you are making every time. Special moment with you a fee years ago in the pub whit a cup coffee. You told me: where I am I wanted to buy fabrics also when I have that time no idea what to make of it. Thank you also for to share your tutorial. Cheers from Hellevoetsluis.

  43. I'm not interested in the drawing. I just wanted to congratulate you and thank you for 10 years of blogging. Your posts are always interesting and informative and much appreciated.

  44. Congrats from America. I have been following you for about that long. You inspired me to start sewing my own bras and now I sew for about 10 other women in my community that can't get a well fitting bra. You won't believe me but I take measurements in a local bar(pub) for some off the people I have sewn for. I have learned to change the patterns I used to fit different body types and have started drafting patterns for myself and others now. I branched out to underwear 2 years ago, so now the ladies can get full sets with 2 pairs of underwear that match. I also make fabric sanitary pads and diapers. I give away the pads to women that can't use commercial pads due to illness or allergies to the plastics. I started that because they made me sick. I will not go into details. It is not a pretty or funny story. Lets just put it this way I no longer have bad periods. May you sew and inspire for many years to come.I also have a new sewing machine,YEAH. Lori Strout


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