Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sewy Isabelle

I apologize if the pictures are not lined properly in this post. I always used LiveWriter for my blog posts but that doesn't seem to work since I migrated to Windows 10 and I don't want to take the time to try to find out what is wrong.

Furthermore I learned that Picasa (my favorite site for online photo-albums) will be discontinued later in the year and will be replaced by Google Photos. I've checked how that works and I'm not happy about that either. No linking to photos like I'm used to (or at least not obvious how to do it).

Absolutely no idea what that will do to the photos on my blog (and that of a lot of  blogs). And I'm not going to re-link all the photos of the past nine years!

Not my lucky tech-day as the Sewy-site seems to be down right now so I can't make a screenshot of the pattern or give a link to it. It's a very nice pattern. Here is my result and I'm ever so happy that it fits beautifully.


  1. I use Blogger with Google Photos, and the integration just works for me. If I click on the "from Picasa web albums" tab when I insert an image in Blogger, that just shows me the photos I have in Google Photos (it would be nice it it didn't say Picasa but at least it works). I go to to upload the pics and create an album, then they're available in Blogger by default.

  2. Love your bra, but don't have a clue about the rest!

  3. It looks beautiful and such a nice shape.

  4. Beautiful bra, and as Laura mentioned, the changeover to google photos should be seamless. I actually thought that Picasa ceased to exist a while ago. My photos all migrated to google photos without me either doing anything, or knowing that it had been done!

  5. Prachtige bh Sigrid. Ik gebruik nu een poosje google foto's....en het valt best mee, het is wel wennen. ;)
    Wat heb voor binnenmateriaal gebruikt voor je cup? Het ziet er zo mooi transparant uit.(kant is ook geweldig mooi)

  6. Sexy!

  7. Here is an answer found at!topic/picasa/ufLg43ti7Hc

    "Retiring Picasa Web Albums will not affect photos uploaded to a blog through Blogger; they will will continue to display on the blog even after Picasa Web Albums is retired. You will still be able to see these photos on your blog and in a new place we will be creating for you to access your Picasa Web Albums data. Picasa Web albums shared by a link will also continue to work with a redirect.

    For photos, albums, and slideshows embedded from Picasa Web Albums, and links to your public galleries, we will share more details as we get closer to these changes being made in the coming months."

    So you should be OK. Likewise, the picasa app will keep working on your pc, just no longer be updated. For some time now picasa has just been a front for google photos, so you should find most of your photos already there. And you should now be able to backup ALL your picasa photos onto google photos.

    But gliding along till you're forced to stop what you're doing would not necessarily be a good idea :-). I'd recommend you first download all your photos to your own disk, so you're no longer in a position to lose them. Then familiarize yourself with the workings of online photos here And then you could also consider moving to wordpress, which has its own photo storage? Or at least if you decide to keep storing your photos in the cloud, resolve also to keep up to date with announcements, and take action when something is announced, not a couple years later as the guillotine is about to fall.

    Anyway, losing your invaluable pictures would be a net-tragedy. Fortunately it doesn't seem likely.

  8. Sigrid, I've lost half my Rebecca pattern. So I'm going to trace this one out. Is there a difference in coverage or support between the two? Or just different style lines?

  9. @Cidell, sorry to reply so late. I think the main difference is style lines, fit is similar.