Thursday, March 10, 2016

Intrigued by a skirt

This February the Dutch magazine Knip Mode had a skirt in the pattern collection that I was immediately attracted to.

line drawing

There's only one version in the magazine, hemming is not very well done and as so often there is a difference in the line drawing and the actual pattern. In the line drawing the design lines of the front are straight, in the actual pattern these lines are curved, as can be seen in the photo. I prefer the straight lines.


I traced the pattern in the size based on my hip measurements. When I checked the circumference I was a little shocked to see so much "negative ease" there was. The skirt is intended to be made from a fabric with stretch, but it would be a lot of stretch for me and my hips are wide enough without stretching fabric over them.
So: back to the drawing board, literally (almost, it was the floor, looking forward to a bit more space).

My creative space, a mess! Original pattern pieces, my skirt block with lines drawn into it. The worst part is not captured in the photo ;).

I plan to make this skirt from a fabric with almost no stretch. The instructions in Knip Mode indicate no zipper because of the fabric with stretch they used.  Even if I would have used that kind of fabric it would not do for me, the difference between hip and waist measurement is too big. So I will add a center back seam and incorporate a zipper. 
I use my skirt block in combination with the original pattern to get a pattern based on my measurements. Not very straightforward, there are still a few decisions to be made in the distribution of the darts but that's for tomorrow. 
I'm not sure whether I'll succeed and whether the style will suit me,  I'm in an experimenting mood. 



  1. Interesting skirt. Can you just make a larger size on this? I like the back better than the front I think.

  2. I find the back more interesting as well. I think doing the same treatment, back and front, could be lovely. I admire all the work you are going to to achieve this design and thanks for sharing with us all.

  3. The skirt does have some great sea lines, though I agree the front of the sample looks a bit dodgy. I'm sure you can make it work!

  4. Can't wait to see the finished version. It has some great design lines.

  5. Certainly is an interesting skirt. Looking forward to seeing the outcome.

  6. The lines of this skirt are lovely. I am in awe of the skills you have and the effort you put in to transfer these design ideas to a less stretchy fabric!

  7. That's a very cute skirt, Sigrid! I haven't received a Knip Mode in ages, so it's nice to see what they are up to.