Monday, February 15, 2016

Skirt from ponte fabric

The other garment I made from the border print fabric is this skirt.

Can you imagine this being part of the same fabric as the top I showed yesterday?


So much was happening in this print. For someone who in general wears a lot of solids it was too much. Using the fabric this way I managed to get two garments I like. The fabric quality is great, originally it was an expensive fabric. I had a remant at only 12 euro's. A bit extra for the lining of the skirt, I'm pleased with my bargain.

(I made my own pattern using Suzy Furrer's book).


  1. These look like two totally different fabrics. I love both pieces and you were smart to make separate pieces to wear with solids I assume.

  2. I love the print! For kicks, can you put them top and skirt together on the dress form so we can see what it would look like? I'm just curious.

  3. LIke Cidell says, it would be fun to see them together. Very interesting fabric!

  4. Very nice combination! skirt and top look great together.