Sunday, November 30, 2014

Back home

Of course it feels good to be back home again, but it was almost sad to say goodbye to everyone this morning. These were wonderful days with a fabulous group of ladies. To finish off my blog posts about this event a few of the garments as they were this morning, finished or almost finished.

Definitely doing this again next year!

Back to work tomorrow, catching up with others and back to my (ir)regular blog posts and sewing, I have so much inspiration now.

 DSC_0954 DSC_0955

DSC_0969 DSC_0975 DSC_0973 DSC_0976   DSC_0984DSC_0988



  1. A beautiful group of beautiful sewing artists. Kudos to all of you for your very sociable weekend's accomplishments

  2. You all look so happy! What a fun thing to do together.

  3. What a great group! You are so lucky to get together, Sigrid. And actually accomplish a few things too!

  4. great pictures makes me sad :-( however I still feel ill so know I couldn't have made it - glad you all had fun