Monday, December 1, 2014

A quick dress – Vogue 8946

image image

Two weeks ago I made this dress. It was very, very quick to make and I would classify it as an instant gratification project. Bought the fabric, washed and dried it on the same day as cutting and sewing the dress. I’ve worn it a few times since already, definitely a winner for me.

Initially I planned to make it from a plain fabric as I thought the pattern lines would be more obvious which probably is true, but I chose to make it from this printed fabric anyhow. I can always make a plain version later.

I did not line the dress and did not use a zipper. It’s a stretch fabric and a wide neckline. No need for a zipper. If I were to line it I would most likely use a lining with stretch too, with no need to insert a zipper.


I made the neckline a bit deeper and finished it with a strip of fabric as is usually done in t-shirts. By experience from former Vogue patterns and a bit of measuring I cut out a size 12 in the shoulders, tapering to 14 at bust height and adding a bit extra to the hip to the size 16. Which is all smaller than the sizes I should have used if I would have taken the size chart. Then I should have started with a size 16 for the bust. It would have been a sack on me. This is just right and I even used a two way stretch fabric instead of the recommended four way stretch.

I’m quite pleased with the result and might make another one soon.


Would love this scenery in the background every day!

 DSC_0898 DSC_0892 DSC_0893


  1. Just beautiful Sigrid! I've made this dress too and I'm loving your printed version! Well done!

  2. Very nice Sigrid! I love it in a print, especially this one.

  3. Its a great pattern and looks good in your print.

  4. This is lovely on you and the colors are wonderful with your coloring. Very nice.

  5. Wow, what a beautiful dress, Sigrid!