Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sewing weekend

It’s that time of the year again, we are having a sewing weekend! We loved the venue we went to last year so much that we went there again. We are spending 4 days in Canterbury with 9 sewing friends (10 on Saturday, Pauline, so sorry you can only make the one day). The group could have been a bit larger, we are sadly missing a few ladies who for various reasons could not make it this year (we MISS you ladies!!).

The house has ample space for >10 sewing machines and sergers, apart from the other practical things as two stoves, enough bedrooms etc. Yesterday we all arrrived and today we were up early and started sewing, pattern tracing, unpicking a loved garment to re-create it etc. There is no general plan, we just work on that what we want to do or want help with. No worries about at which time the rest of the family comes home, shopping, laundry and other obligations. Just the fun of sewing together, helping each other, talking about all things sewing related as well as other subjects that come up.

It’s wet weather, which adds to the good feeling of sewing inside the house.


A little impression. I do hope to show a few finished projects later. And will have a few pictures of my muslin and a dress I finished last week but have not blogged about because the lack of photos.

In the evening, machines not yet working, but ready to start.


DSC_0818  DSC_0816 DSC_0813  DSC_0808   DSC_0791 DSC_0789

Inspiration all over the place, this is only a very little bit of all we brought in.


I’m trying on a top made by Joana, definitely copying it. She’s wearing a StyleArc top.


This is what I’m working on, details later.



  1. This sounds like soooooo much fun! Can't wait to see what you've made during this time. Enjoy and have a wonderful time!

  2. Would love to be part of that group. Looks like lots of fun and inspiration.

  3. It would be wonderful to have a sewing group like yours; it looks like so much fun. You should definitely make that top; you look fabulous.

  4. looks like you are all having fun and maybe even getting some sewing in as well, do we get to see fashion show at the end

  5. I bet you're having a great time :-) All these ladies together, doing what they love so much.
    Will you please say hello for me to everyone I met in Nieuwegein, and everyone else of course.
    Have lots of fun!!

  6. This looks like an amazing weekend with friends. I am jealous!

  7. I miss you too, ladies! I thought of you a lot this past Weekend, but -sadly- the decision not to come was the right one.