Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gym pants muslin

Though I would like to sew the top or jacket, I’ll have to start with the pants of the active wear set I want to make. Not the most interesting part, but the pants take up most of the (black) fabric and I can’t cut the top or jacket before the pants are cut. The remains of the black fabric will determine what I can use for jacket and top(s).

In the same issue of Knip Mode as the top, there is also a gym pants pattern. I made a muslin of the top and it was fine (will make a picture later). I used the size that I needed by the size chart for the top and did the same for the pants (2 sizes larger). For the pants I thought that it looked large. So I compared it with a pair of rtw gym pants I have. This is a very good pair, and relatively new, but there is a large hole in the bottom part of one of the legs. Still wondering how that came to happen.

Look at the difference! And the rtw pants isn’t even very close fitting.

Back to Pattern review to search for other (magazine) options hoping that something would show up from a magazine I have (this is the way I found the Knip mode top pattern, Melissa had a review of that one, so no coincidence Melissa!). Burda 11-2007 showed up with a few reviews for a pair of yoga pants. I traced those within the Knip Mode pattern, I marked the lines, quite a difference. Time for a muslin, as the other rtw pants I have, are smaller and have a closer fit.


A quick muslin showed me that:

- it was too wide, I took in 2 cm on the side seams and 1 on the inseam. That’s 6 cm in total!

- the front had a strange pleat, I compared it to my rtw pair and changed the curve , much better

- a little extra height is needed in the back


I’m not going to show these on me ;), the fabric was bought many years ago for DD, at 17 this fabric no longer has any appeal to her (or me).

In the end I think I could have used the pattern 2 sizes smaller. Next is sewing these in the good fabric.


  1. Your dd must have been really young to have liked that fabric! Sewing exercise clothing seems to be a trend these days.

  2. Um, wow, those are some major differences from the RTW garment. Good use for that fabric that is not favored any more!

  3. You're making a muslin for gym pants :-)?!? Don't you make them in stretchy knits? And how exactly do you get muslin fabric with precisely the same degree of stretch, not to mention thickness?
    How about just cutting them out with an inch side seam allowance, and adjusting on the fly?

  4. That is a perfect (muslin) fabric! Such a special piece it feels good to liberate from the stash, and one can cut into it without a trace of indecision. :) I had to sort through 3 fabrics to find my 'wearable muslin' today.

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  6. I never tried this material on in pants. I do have a muslin sports bra, it is not for working out though but feels super comfortable wearing them to anywhere and everywhere. I would like to try these pants also who knows it might just fit me perfectly.