Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New tools

Ladies, you are so right about leaving the darts in. A jacket with more shape suits me much better, nor do I want to go for an 80’s style! Karin quoted Vibeke “darts are our friends”, and Vibeke, you’re right.

Not much progress to show. I interfaced the fabric with Pam’s Pro sheer Elegance fusible interfacing and made a trial single welt pocket. That is what I think I will use as pockets, I don’t want a zipper or patch pockets, like the variations of Burda show. I did sew the darts and think that it will be a more tailored jacket than I originally thought it would be.

Recently I bought two pressing tools, and I’m quite happy with them. The tailor board from Nancy’s notions which arrived within 10 days, very quick! (I could not find an equivalent in Europe). I also bought a press roll. Both are good extra tools, as you know half of the time spent on sewing a garment is time spent pressing parts of it.


Finally there are a bit more flowers in our (small) garden. My son was experimenting with the camera this afternoon, and I was surprised to see that one of the roses (Zépherine Drouhin) has flowers. It’s in a sheltered spot, the other roses don’t have flowers yet.



  1. Great pressing tools to have, and the flowers are beautiful.

  2. Those are wonderful tools! There is nothing better than anything to do with sewing!

  3. Wonderful new and useful tools :)

    The flowers are beautiful.

  4. On my way to look up press roll. Never heard of it. Thanks.

  5. I love my pressing tools. The seam roll looks like a good size to be useful.
    A client had some roses blooming last week. Highly unusual here too.

  6. Is this the same as a june tailor board?

  7. Nice tools and pretty flowers!

  8. Geweldig Sigrid, ook een vurige wens van mij.
    Heb je veel extra kosten gehad bij je bestelling bij Nancy´s Notions?
    De douane moet mij altijd hebben :(

    groeten uit Maastricht. Ann-Marie

  9. Ann-Marie, ja, er komen kosten bij voor de douane. Invoerrechten en btw. Ik had er drie tegelijk besteld dus pakje viel ook wel op.

  10. Hello! I myself am living in Maastricht and am looking for fusible interfacing. Can you help as to where I can find it and what is it called in Dutch?

    Thank you!


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