Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A pair of jeans

I finished my jeans last week and they are ever so comfortable. I’ve already worn them for two days, which says enough. Like Nancy said in her comment: once you have a pattern that fits, jeans are not too difficult. It saves time if you can set up 2 machines for it: one with normal thread and one with topstitching thread.

The legs are a bit long with these flat shoes.



For the topstitching of the pocket I checked the internet for some inspiration, then drafted the lines without a specific one in mind. It may look like topstitching of a rtw brand, but I did not knowingly copy any.

P9041827A peak inside, just for fun I used this cotton, which was in my stash.


I don’t sew because it’s cheaper than rtw, but in this case it certainly was. I bought the denim fabric years ago as a remnant piece. The price tag still on it told me I paid 11.50 euro, all other notions I already had too. To be fair I have to calculate those too.So this pair cost me about 20 euro. Can’t buy a well fitting pair in a store for that price!


  1. Nice fit! I love the little ribbon tab you added to the pocket. It's little details like that and floral pocket stays that makes sewing jeans so much fun. No RTW for me anymore.

    1. Nice you notice the little ribbon detail too. My daughter thought it took it to the next level ;)

  2. Love the floral front pockets and the rivets on the back pockets. Oh yes, the fit is fabulous too. Well done!

  3. Lovely jeans - worth the effort to get a nice looking pair that fit well and are comfortable to wear. Love those personal touches like the pocket design and inside pocket pieces - great job - Mary Nanna

  4. Lovely. It's great to have a comfortable well-fitting pair of jeans that are customised, too.

  5. I love these jeans on you and especially the personalized details. And it's fun to use fabric that has been aging nicely and make something so wearable and fashionable. Some of my old fabric purchases are better off as more utilitarian items like aprons and tote bags since my taste and budget have changed over the years.


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