Sunday, August 5, 2018

A muslin in silk

Well, not a true muslin of course, I definitely hoped this would result in a wearable garment and decided to use this silk that’s cheaper than the linen I planned to use for this shirt. Still wanting to do that, but didn’t want to take a risk with that specific fabric.

I think this is quite a good fit on me. I did not change the length of the body, nor of the sleeves. I did measue the sleeves, as in most companies they are too short for me. Not necessary here, which means that if you’re shorter (my length is 1.74 and my arms are a bit longer than average) you even might want to shorten them.

One thing I forgot to mention on the pdf is that it has the actual seam lines in it too, not just the 1cm seam allowances without indication of the actual seam line. I really like that as it helps with the tricky parts like the collar and stand. I mark the actual seamlines on those pieces.


Not my usual colour scheme, but definitely a “me” print. P8051783

The slit is a bit long. I’ll make it shorter next time


I could have added a bit more to the hip area and will in my next version. I used a size smaller than I should have used based on the size chart and am quite happy with the fit. As said in my previous post, there’s no waist/hip shaping which for the blouse might be an issue for more women with a pear shaped figure.

As to the instructions: I’m not a good judge of those, as I’m too experienced to really need them. But in one illustration a pattern piece was very different from the actual pattern piece and I thought that very confusing. There’s also quite a bit of information in the instructions that imho belong to your basic sewing knowledge or can be looked up in a general reference book or online (what is basting, what is clipping, that sort of instructions).

All in all I quite like the pattern and will sew it again when this heatwave is over. It’s just too hot to do much these days. Not my kind of wheather.


  1. That's a beautiful "muslin". Silk, woo-hoo. Most people would be terrified but not you. Great print. Great outcome. Brava!

  2. Love the fabric and colors, this is a spectacular muslin.

  3. I really like the back collar detail particularly. Too hot here also (New York).

  4. Beautiful work on that collar and stand.

  5. A very successful "muslin"! I love the print and think it looks very nice on you. Your collar and stand are making me envious with their precision.

  6. The shirt is lovely and thank you for giving us tips on adjustments you made. I will put this on my
    to do list.

  7. Gorgeous shirt! I love the button detail at the back of the collar.

  8. Great muslin! We should all be so talented as to be able to create a muslin that is this lovely. I like the colors on you, and it fits great.

  9. Beautiful top and the fabric is fantastic. It will be hard to top this one.