Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Knip mode dress–October 2017

There is a reason my jacket is not finished yet. I’m too easily distracted sometimes. I’ve been sewing dresses. One of them is a dress from the Knip Mode October issue.

knip mode

A relatively easy dress to sew. The back darts of the line drawing are not in the pattern. My full review is on Patternreview.


In different light the colour looks almost purple on my screen. It’s a warm, dark red in real life.
In these pictures you see that the pleats of the skirt are done first, then the bodice is attached and the pleats of the bodice partially cover the waist seam.



  1. Funny coincidence! I posted the same dress today. Hopping over to read your review on Patternreview to see if you like this pattern as much as I do!

  2. Lovely dress. The pleats are a nice detail.

  3. Interesting design and pattern construction. Looks very nice on you. A great palate cleanser while you are working on a bigger more complex project.

  4. This dress looks like it would be easy to wear and is a beautiful red. Very flattering, too. Both good reasons for a slight detour from your jacket project!

  5. Goed gelukt en mooie kleur. Persoonlijk vind ik de mouwen iets te lang maar misschien draag jij ze graag zo. Het is niet bedoeld als kritiek. Het viel mij alleen op. Ik laat lange mouwen altijd lopen tot het knobbeltje bij mijn pols voor shirts en net erover voor blouses. Ik draag steeds vaker 7/8 of 3/4 mouwen omdat dat zwieriger oogt.



  6. I love this dress of you. The drape is so feminine and classy and yes, I'm glad to hear I am not the only one who enjoys a tasty little project in the midst of a big one.

  7. Lovely dress and good info about the back darts.

  8. Very Nice Collection.Thanks for sharing keep up the Good work..

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  10. It's a lovely dress. The pleats are interesting and flattering.


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