Saturday, June 3, 2017

Lace bra

It’s been a while since I made a bra and it is more than time to make a few new sets. This is my first bra of what I hope will be at least 3 new sets in the next few weeks. It still lacks a bow as I’ve forgotten to take one with me (being abroad for the moment on a lovely holiday). But I’m ever so happy that the fit is very good, as I’ve been struggling with that recently.
It’s made of lace which I underlined with a tule to give it the strength I need. Only the plain part of the band you see is stretching. It’s a kind of powernet.
The pattern is a copy from a rtw bra with adaptions, as I was not happy with the fit of that one any more either.
The inside. I hope you can see that there are two layers of fabric in the cups too. The tule that I used for the bridge and side of the cup is more sturdy and more white than the other fabrics. It doesn’t worry me as it does not show from the right side.
I tried something new with construction and used Vliesofix (similar or the same as bondaweb?) to bond the lace and tule together. I’ve very often used two layers of fabric, using different ways to keep them together but this worked so easy. The two layers could very easily be treated as one during sewing. It’s not visible at all. 
I’m expecting the glue in between will dissolve after a while, which is fine I think, as this is not where the strength comes from.
Parting shot of a view we had during one of our walks. It’s not sewing that is the main activity of this holiday (which is almost over, a few more days).


  1. I really need to learn bra making. Yours looks so pretty and professional! How do you copy a RTW bra to make the pattern? I have a bra which fits perfectly in front, but the band is so tight I can't wear it. It's annoying too because I was (supposedly) professionally fitted when I bought it. List the receipt so I couldn't return the pricey thing. The band is 10" smaller than my underbust measurements! TEN INCHES!! No wonder I get deep red marks from it! Anyway, I'd like to know how to use the front of the bra to create a pattern. I'll use a different bra to determine a comfortable band length.

    1. I've written a post about how I copied a rtw bra: Well worth a try, just check your fabric has similar stretch to the original. good luck! 10 inches is a lot.

  2. Your holiday picture is fabulous and I hope it has been a great one. Your bra making skills have always been one of the many things that most inspire me. I have yet to try it but with your tutorials might just give it a chance.

  3. I keep toying with the idea of making bras. The ones I've found that have great fit are ridiculously expensive. After the wedding, perhaps! This is lovely, but that's kind of repetitive since all of your lingerie is gorgeous.

  4. That's such a pretty bra! I absolutely love the lovely white lace :)
    To Leanne Gifford above; for a pricey bra that fits perfectly at the front, it's worth getting, or even making! a bra extender... a piece of elastic with a bra hook and eye sewn at each end, and you attach them to the bra's own hook and eye. You can get them in most haberdashery departments, also it would be pretty easy to make one yourself :)

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