Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Meeting Jane

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting Jane from the blog Lucky Sew and Sew. I’ve been following her blog for years and when I learned she was coming to Amsterdam I couldn’t pass on the opportunity and asked whether it was possible to meet. Lucky me, she liked the idea to meet too and her husband didn’t mind to be on his own for a couple of hours (lovely man) so the arrangement was easily made. Jane was curious to see the famous Kantje Boord lingerie fabric shop so that’s where we met. Needless to say we spent quite a bit of time there and of course fabrics and notions came home with us too. Jane was wearing one of her lovely tops that she showed in her last post before her trip, looking great and ever so comfortable for travelling. Thank you Jane for taking the time to meet, I enjoyed every minute of it.



My haul did include these beautiful combinations. I hadn’t been to the shop for quite a while and it was inspiring to go there again. These fabrics are shouting at me to be made soon (they’re not used in my next project though).n

A lace border with lace fabric to match.


Border lace with matching shoulder straps and bows.



  1. Love your new fabric! WOW gorgeous. Thank you for mentioning Jane's blog as well - it's always fun to discover another long-time sewing blogger.

  2. It must be fun to watch people in Kantje Boord for the first time. You're such a great guide and host.

  3. How nice! I've been following Jane's blog for years and I can imagine it must have been so much fun to meet. Last week I had a meet up in Amsterdam as well with an American sewing friend from Instagram. So nice to discuss sewing over a cup of coffee at Albert Cuyp!

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