Sunday, June 7, 2015

Two piece sleeve comparison - muslin

Yesterday evening was the perfect moment to sew the muslin with the two different sleeves. Some important football (soccer) match that my family really wanted to see and I am not interested at all. Football on television is out of the room for me ;). I don’t mind others watching, just don’t like it myself.

The result (changed the colors a bit to show the seams better). On my left arm is the more conventional draft, on the right side Suzy Furrer’s ddraft.



The right shoulder is more sloped which is clear in the pictutres and the sleeve even seems to drop off the shoudler. I’ll look into those issues later, the focus for now was on the sleeves. I think the shape of both sleeves is fine. The sleevecap on the more conventional one is higher (it has more ease). In both sleeves a little room can be taken out of the back armhole

In Suzy Furrer’s method the seam in the front is very visible as was to be expected seeing the pattern pieces. I don’t like that and will use the other sleeve. Though if you have Suzy’s class on sleeves, you’d probably be able to figure out how to change it. I will not bother because I have another option already.

Further this is not the jacket style I have in mind, so there will be more to do on that, but it will have to wait a while. The next pictures will probably be from a sunny spot in the south of Europe. Books and knitting in my suitcase, no sewing.


DSC_0789  DSC_0798 DSC_0799 DSC_0794


  1. The conventional sleeve does look better but I like the less ease of Suzy's sleeve cap. Enjoy your break!

  2. Ditto on vote for the conventional sleeve.

  3. That is really interesting. Thanks or posting. I just drafted a new sleeve sloper today for my jacket - but it's just the sloper. I haven't gotten to the 2-piece sleeve yet. I guess it should not surprise me that there are different sleeve designs - the arm & shoulder are pretty complex when you delve into it. I'm just glad my sleeve turned out well enough and I can continue on with drafting the lapel and notched collar. Your vacation sounds nice - have a great time!

  4. Interesting post! I won't get to the sleeve class for a while as the neckline class is taking me so long. When I do, I'll be back to study these pictures more closely.

  5. Thank you for posting this. I haven't got as far as two piece sleeve in my drafting class. I do have Suzy's class (and book) but haven't done that yet. It's difficult to judge completely because as you say one shoulder is more sloped than the other, as is mine. I also prefer the conventional but prefer the less ease of the SF one.

  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I have purchased Suzy's classes but haven't started them yet. I am very interested in hearing your thoughts and experiences. I am learning from you as well - thanks!