Friday, June 12, 2015

On holiday

Today we had this magnificent view. The weather was not very bright but still the view was wonderful. This is from the lovely city Mougins, the old village is an art centre and there were a lot of outdoor sculptures to be seen.



By coincidence we came upon some textile art too. We visited the Chagall museum in Nice. Apart from paintings and stained glass Chagall also designed tapestries, something I did not know. Some tapestries were very large. The exhibition often showed the small painting and the large tapestry side by side. The weaver was a very skilled woman, as the details he painted are perfectly matched in the tapestries. 



We also made a few lovely walks and are in short enjoying our holidays. In the evenings I’m knitting a shawl. This is clue 1 of a MKAL (Mystery Knit Along) almost finished. I’ve been knitting quite a lot of shawls in the past year and a half or so. After about 20 years I resumed knitting and discovered I like knitting shawls, which have the great advantage that fit is not an issue (a nice break from my fitting troubles in sewing). I’ve done a few mystery knits, this is my 3rd. It’s quite a complicated pattern with a lot of switched stitches. Fun!


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