Monday, May 25, 2015

Summer top

What lovely comments on my new set from last post, I’ve tried to answer the questions in the comments there.

I’m having a blast with drafting patterns. This is what I tried this weekend, a cowl neck top. The basic draft is from the moulage class, the cowl neck from the dart manipulation class. I had some extra work in the waist/hip area and used my experience to deal with that issue.


Wearing it today and had sat at my desk for a while before the photos were taken, resulting in a few wearing wrinkles. What I like in this method is there is no extra fabric below the bust area, which was the case in a method I used before. The ease you see here is my wearing ease as I generally prefer not to have my garments too tight in the waist. Waist definition is fine, but not too much with my figure.



The cowl is a bit too low for everyday use and I think my shoulder seam should be a bit more to the front. Little alterations for next time.


  1. Ok, you have convinced me that it's time to actually use my slopers from my moulage and put to use all of those great Suzy Furrer drafting classes. I am tired of buying patterns that I have to really do a lot of alterations to and I usually change the design anyway. This looks great and it's so rewarding to make the pattern yourself I think.

  2. Altijd mooi watervalhalsen. Mooi exemplaar weer, kom maar op met dat mooie weer!

  3. Lovely! What a great addition to your tried and trues.

  4. Mooie watervalhals. Ik ben ook aan het sleutelen aan mijn watervalhals patroon. De extra ruimte onder de borstomvang is inderdaad storend met veel methodes. Deze ziet er goed uit. Op naar meer (zomer) shirts.

    Groet Neeltj

  5. Nice top! This will be wearable as casual as well as under a jacket for a more business attire.

  6. This top worked out very well. Is it a knit or woven? And if a woven did you cut the front on the bias?

  7. I love this! You did a great job with drafting it!