Friday, May 8, 2015

A blue and a taupe dress

Here are pictures of the two dresses on me. I could do with a bit of a tan ;) and the blue dress especially was pictured after wearing it so has more wrinkles. Seeing the pictures I can of course see a few points for improvement, but in general I’m quite happy with the result. I wore the blue dress with a shawl this week and it was very comfortable.

The drafting is a combination from existing sloper combined with the square neckline technique from Suzy Furrer’s class. The taupe dress was made before I took any of her classes. Also the fabric of the taupe one is less stable, more a jersey knit whilst the blue one is a ponte knit. Which also accounts for the difference in drape

blue dress sideDSC_1023

blue dress back DSC_1026

DSC_1030 DSC_1029    DSC_1025


  1. Both dresses look lovely on you Sigrid and the fit is excellent. You must be delighted to have achieved such a great result and to have your own personal block for designing.

  2. The blue dress fits so well and my only observation is the back length from the neck to waist which looks a little long with the bunching. The square neck really flatters you!

  3. Lovely, stylish dresses. You really have taken your sewing to the next level, the way you are drawing and designing things yourself. That makes it even more interesting to follow your projects.

  4. The square neckline is lovely and I like the side panels too. I haven't done the moulage yet but played around with some darts etc on a very old pattern I had yesterday. Pattern making is fun (especially when it

  5. Great job! I really like those dresses. I also signed up for that class but haven't taken it yet

  6. I like the square neckline best