Saturday, May 9, 2015

4 shoulder darts

A few weeks ago I showed you the muslin I made for a top with 4 shoulder pleats.


It was ä study on how it worked out. I liked it enough to make a top for myself. Changed a bit to the lenght of the darts as there was excess fabric on me and this is the result.


   4 shoulder pleat top detail

Only when seeing the photo of the side I realized that the back has too much fabric/is puffing. I’ll either have to have a bit more room in the waist or increase the back darts.

Side top

For those interested in dart manipulation or are taking the Craftsy class on it: I did not completely rotate the waist dart out. When I would do that, the angle of the waist to the hip would be very sharp. For the difference in waist/hip measurement I think it does not work well without waist darts, certainly when there is no waist seam. For that reason I also have more ease in the waist. Very fitted looks good on a dressform, but not on me ;)


  1. Those 4 shoulder darts are very elegant. I can see you are going to come up with even more creative garments now!

  2. It looks like you could use a horizontal tuck across the waist area in the paper pattern to get rid of that extra fabric. Love your darts in the front!

  3. That dart technique is very pretty. Could you pin out some of the length in the back to see what happens? All patterns are puffy on me and that is what I do. Just a suggestion on a very pretty top.

  4. love the darts gives a great look agree with the removal of the excess fabric