Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pocket flaps

I have not sewn a lot on my coat this week, only did the pocket flaps. There is another garment finished, but the photos are horrible. I will have to wait for daylight photos for that one. For the sake of photos it’s a shame that I make so many black garments.


This is one of the fnished flaps, it’s uneven by design. The left side is a bit shorter.


During construction I made the lining a tiny bit smaller, shown very well by Kenneth D. King in his Craftsy class on pockets. Before pressing you can see clearly the lining is smaller, the flap won’t lie flat.


The pocket flap after pressing, the seam of the fashion fabric is pressed to the back. In this way you will not see the lining on the side at all.



  1. At least you got the flaps done! Kenneth's class sounds like it could be good.

  2. I've been watching this project from the side lines. Don't feel that you need to rush. The work so far is impressive.