Friday, September 12, 2014

Next project – a coat

After a lot of hesitation I decided a coat will be my next project. It’s not more complicated than a jacket, as one or two commenters said when I was deliberating what to sew two weeks ago, but it’s heavy, warm and still a lot of work. If I start it now, it will be ready by the time the weather calls for a warm coat. To be honest, I hope it’s ready and it will still take a while to wear it. I’ll be showing the steps I take (though not a tutorial) here, so if you feel like sewing a winter coat (Lilian?) perhaps you’re starting too. Sewing an hour or so each day will get it done….


This is the pattern, BurdaStyle 6845’. I’m using view A only shortened the pattern by 20 centimeters, which makes it about 10 centimeters longer than view B. Tonight I constructed the under collar, based on the instructions in Kenneth King’s course The fly front coat on Craftsy. I loved to watch this course. I will not make the coat of the class but Kenneth’s instructions can be applied to other coats as well and he’s always giving tips during construction.

My order of construction is perhaps strange, as I start with the collar which will be attached to the coat much later . This fabric is rather thick and I want to be sure that it works properly for what I want, which is the reason I started with the collar. Then I would know, prior to cutting the whole coat, how this fabric behaves and whether it would work for this pattern. I’m not short of fabric and I could choose another pattern if needed.

The under collar is interfaced with hair canvas, which is cut on the bias and stitched on the grain to the under collar. This pattern has a collar in two parts, so I applied the same technique to the small part that will be sewn to the neckline later. After sewing the seams the bulk is reduced at the crossing points and the seams are edgestitched. After stitching the hair canvas to the collar the seam allowances are cut off, which means no extra fabric/bulk.

Next step is construction of the upper collar and sew that to the under collar.

DSC_0753DSC_0756 DSC_0755


  1. I love your fabric! That will be a lovely coat. I am also making a wool coat and spent much of the day with wool heating up my lap. Our weather isn't that hot, but I'm ready for it to be cooler. :)

  2. Hi Sigrid,
    I feel like making a coat too, I've just been struggling with finding the right pattern... I usually go to my BurdaStyle "library" for patterns but I'm having a hard time finding a pattern that I like from their more recent editions... Anyway, it will be fun following your work :)
    Big hug,

  3. ohmegosh I so LOVE that fabric! I've seen it & drooled, but I have enough wool.....I tell myself.

    Looking forward to this one :)

  4. Very old post but it has just saved my sanity! I’d been struggling with understanding the burda instructions and needed visual guide and that is exactly what I found! Thank you