Thursday, August 28, 2014

Can’t decide

I just wasted an hour or so in my sewing room and I just can’t decide on my next project. I’ve finished my lingerie set (made two panties to go with the bra). No other projects are in progress. I’m trying to be a bit better organized and don’t start on more than one thing at a time. Let’s see how long I can do that ;)

My thoughts while taking out fabrics from my closet

  • Shall I do a last summer project? The weather has been horrible here (I was so cold that I wore socks in August, normally I don’t wear anything on my feet till October). It seems the weather is better next week and September is often nice….
  • Shall I start the winter coat I’m planning. This is the fabric and I’m planning Burda 6845 for it.  Hopefully it’s still a while till it’s time to wear such a coat, but it takes a bit of time to construct…
    imageboiled wool
  • This red linen is nice for the jacket I drafted, oh no, it’s better for a dress, too casual for the style of jacket I’ve in mind, it’s better in a jean-jacket style or at least better for summer, I want a jacket for the next few months. Back went the linen…
  • This grey fabric is perfect for the jacket, but it ‘won’t be nice with topstitching. Have to underline it. Lots of work. It’s dark, too dark perhaps. Still half in summer mood of course, I’m more into brighter colors still.. ..
  • Oh, this wool has been in my stash for years now, it’s so beautiful, I really should make it this year. Back in the closet, it’s a real winter fabric….
  • Perhaps I should sew a t-shirt or another lingerie set, easy and (almost) instant gratification.

Not asking for opinions on what I should start, Í just feel I can’t decide. While I really intended to start a new project tonight, it did not work out that way. I will sleep on it and perhaps something strikes my fancy for real tomorrow.

On another note: thank you for the comments on my bra. It's always nice to read comments and especially to know that these lingerie posts are inspiring to some of you. Lauriana: I’m glad to know you found a way to comment on my blog, I was not aware that going to a blog through Bloglovin might be an issue. I do have issues with commenting when I read on the Ipad, which I often do and therefor are a irregular commenter myself  In general: I love to read the comments but am not at all offended if you don’t comment or only occassionally. There is just not enough time in the day for all of us.


  1. Hi Sigrid, int he end you will know what to do. Sounds like your creativity watned some time to recharge.
    I've also been wearing socks down south here in Belgium. It's *cold*. But very pleased if the weather will warm up soon, glad that you have checked the weather report because I haven't had the courage to do so :)

  2. I SO understand!!!

    I can be the Queen of Dithering!

    Good luck!

  3. That coat pattern looks very nice. I don't think coats take longer than jackets except for longer seams and hem!
    Anything left over from summer fabric stash that would still be wearable for a couple of months?
    You're always so productive anyway. Me, I'm still redesigning kitchen chair covers but do have the benefit that they don't squeal when you stick pins in them!

  4. Sigrid, your posts are always inspiring! You do such beautiful work. I am sure you will know what to do after a brief think!

  5. Sometimes our brains just want to wander around the sewing room and have our hands touch everything. Sometimes I let my mind wander aimlessly as I tidy and sort, and when I "come to" the perfect combination of fabric and pattern is in my hands all unknowing. Fallow times can be frustrating, and the change of seasons confusing, but rich rewards come to those who wait through the fallow times without plowing the field and planting the wrong crop all in a hurry. Oh dear, obtuse metaphor ... I apologize. I live in a farming community.

  6. I really like the style of this coat! Can't wait to see what fabric you will choose. I want to make a wintercoat myself but quite frankly I'm too scared to start such a project. If you do, I'll be following you closely. Maybe this will inspire me to do it after all.

  7. I'm finding that the unseasonably cool weather after such a hot early summer has me dithering, too. Although the weather may warm a little, I think that's us done for summer now, but I can't start thinking about winter wear yet.

    I've dithered between underwear, jackets, blouses, trousers.....the list goes on!

    I'd go for a jacket myself. I'm sure you're in desperate need of another jacket by now!

  8. je trouve que c'est un très joli projet que ce manteau et j'ai hate de le voir fini ! courage et bonne chance !


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