Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pattern Review contest

O dear, is she again saying she’s entering a contest and not meeting the deadline by weeks (or even months)?

No, this time I’m managing a contest. A first time for me. On April 1 a new contest "2013 Spring Pantone colors" will start. This week the discussion started about ideas and the interpretation of the rules. I’m sure it will be a fun contest. And though I can’t enter the contest for real, I will try to sew an outfit in one or more of these colors (hope to find them, I might have some Monaco blue but the others are not in my stash probably).

If you like the idea be inspired or join the fun!

These are the colors, numbers and names for the colors for women (the palet for men is a bit different).



  1. I never finish these contests either.

  2. I've always wanted to enter one the Patternreview contests. This one looks like fun!

  3. I've only entered one sewing for children contest a couple years ago, this one looks like fun and for me! I even like most of the colors, which *almost* never happens! :-)

  4. Sigrid, thanks for managing the Pantone Color Contest! We also posted a thank-you on Facebook here:

  5. Yes, I have entered a few contests on PR before, posted in one, didn't come anywhere.
    I feel a real connection with this one as I have this pantone flyer as my screen saver. It seems I have already set myself this brief. I have no excuse for being a shirkerlurker on this challenge now, so I had better start collecting some ideas... and go to the discussion, thanks Sigrid

  6. Hi Sigrid!
    I'm here from the Pattern Review's pantone contest... Yuor blog is amazing, I've started following you on GFC and Pinterest and I'd like to participate to this contest, but I'm not sure to find the right colours... I have to take a look in my stash and see if I already have something good! I can't buy more fabric...I have too many!!!

  7. I keep going over and over my stash to find a combination! With no hot pink and no turquoise and a pastel (instead of a bright) purple, I'm at a loss with this year's Pantone colors. I'm still hoping something will jump out at me, though.