Monday, December 17, 2012

MakeBra wearing experience

I want to give an update on the MakeBra bra I made recently. When I showed it on my blog, I hadn’t worn it except for trying it on. I have worn it now and I will make it again, the cups are very comfortable. BUT: I made the straps too short, which resulted in irritated shoulders because of the tape I used. My skin is irritated very easily and next time I will either make the straps shorter and use a longer length of regular shoulder straps, or I will sew the tape in between the foam and the lycra.

The tape made for no stretch at all, my own mistake in not realizing that. It’s not a pattern fault, my mistake but something to be aware of if you make this bra and compare the length of the shoulder strap to the length of an existing bra, which I did.


  1. well at least the main part of the bra works

  2. I'm so glad it is comfortable. I really like the look of the bra and cup shapes. I was going to do the sew a long on a blog for the Dutch bra company (name escapes me now) but all the goods I needed plus the pattern came to about Euro 28 and the postage was another Euro 35! I just couldn't justify it so hopefully the post on the MakeBra site will be much less!

    Thank you for your review (and the fantastic tutorials) and best of wishes for 2013 to you too.

  3. Oh that stinks. Is there a way to re-do the elastic part?