Saturday, December 1, 2012

MakeBra DL01–finished

As mentioned in my previous post: a quite different style, no lace, no frills. I’m not sure about the fit. It is so different from the bra’s I’m used to wear that I must wear it for a day before I can have a final verdict on that. When I first put it on after finishing I was disappointed, the fit looked quite off, which surprised me too, as I made a muslin.

Then I realised that the shoulderstraps have almost no stretch (result of the extra tape (red in my version, I had no black) to stabilise it, as per the instructions. Worked like it should do, but the remaining stretch is only in the 4-5 centimeters at the back where the shoulderstrap is. That should have been a bit more. My fault probably, I didn’t even look at the instructions for length but used the same length as on my other bra’s. Which have a longer shoulderstrap with stretch. After giving the strap the longest length possible, the fit was a lot better.

What is very good about this pattern is the coverage at the under arm. Definitely a plus for me. The bra is not my best work, the fold over elastic at the sides gave me problems (I just don’t like the stuff) and working with the foam was also a bit of a learning curve.

I like the shape of the cups, and I’m already thinking about trying this with a non-stretch lace. But first I’ll wear it.


The instructions for construction are mainly on the site of the MakeBra company. I can’t completely judge them, as I did it my own way mostly (which you probably do after making bra’s for many years). I used extra interfacing for the side/back to get extra support there, but did not attach the boning in the side, which the instructions tell you to do. Simply because I never do that and don’t need it.



I used a smaller hook/eye closing and adapted the widt of center back.




The fold over elastic, difficult to work with


  1. Oh it looks lovely and I'll be interested in how the wearing goes.

  2. It's fun. It looks like it's a good bra to wear under knits.

  3. Ik vind dit een pracht van een bh geworden...idd heel anders dan je normaal maakt.
    Ja..het omvouw elastiek vergt enige oefening, maar is wel mooi bij dit type bh.

  4. It may be quite different from the bras you usually make, but I think it looks great! I'm quite interested in the make-it-yourself foam cups. I bought a piece of foam when I was at Kantje Boord with Melissa with something like that in mind but I had no idea there were patterns for it out there.

  5. I love it Sigrid, I'll be interested to see how the fit works out.

    I can see myself making one of these - I don't care for lace, so this looks fabulous.

  6. Omvouwelastiek is ook niet mijn ding nee, maar voor de rest een mooie bh!

  7. I hope the fit settles in--it is a charming little bra and definitely well made, as per usual. The foam cups are intriguing!

  8. This is lovely. It definitely looks like an easy bra to wear under knits.

  9. Hello, how did go the wearing ? Is it comfortable and supportive ? This type of bra is definitely smthg I need to sew in the coming weeks, I like the fact that there is no lace and that one can use any type of fabric for it.