Sunday, August 26, 2012


One of the few tnt patterns I have: the Sewy Rebecca bra with some adaptions for my fit and comfort. I’ve shown quite a few versions on this blog already and this is the last addition to the lingerie drawer:

No pictures this time to show it when i’t’s worn. Too much hassle (time) editing the pictures. Perhaps I should try to find a dressform to show bra’s. You’ll get the idea anyhow.
The lace was a very kind gift from Pauline. Once again thank you! She made a set with this lace too, which you can see here.
My variation on my pattern was to use the lace in the back and to use thin straps for the last part of the shoulderband.

The black lycra is from Kantje Boord, shoulderstraps, elastic and hook/eye closure are from Merckwaerdigh, a Dutch Ebay store. The owner is very helpful. I was looking for black picot elastic and she didn’t have anything on the site at the time. I wrote to her and she was very helpful in sending pictures of what she had available.  Very nice indeed and I could stock up on some black material without the drive to Amsterdam.

To answer a question from Bunny about the silver rivets in my jeans: they are Pryms, sold here in packages and I attach them with a Prym plier. 


  1. Very pretty! The embroidery at the back is nice and unexpected.

  2. Thanks so much, Sigrid. Loved those silver rivets.

    Your bra is lovely. A weird but have to ask question - is the seamline on the cups irritating at all? How is that seam handled? I am gearing up to try this but am confused by patterns and in real life I like the rounded Tshirt cups with no seams. Thanks.

    Love how you put the embroidery at the back and the thin straps too!

  3. Bunny, I never notice the seams at all, I have worn this type of bras always. A bra with moulded cups is so difficult to find in my size and my only experiment to make one myself was not a great success.
    The seams are stitched and top (edge)stitched. Then the seam allownce is trimmed. if you have any further questions, feel free to e-mail me.

  4. This is beautiful! Your lingerie always makes me smile.

  5. Another fabulous creation.

  6. It's beautiful. I wish I had the time and patience to make my own lingerie.

  7. Your bra is lovely sigrid I like the changes you made to it compared to mine.

  8. Gorgeous as usual! The flowers in the back panel are a nice touch.

  9. Really gorgeous, it must be so nice to get dressed in the morning!