Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thank you

Thank you for your kind comments and suggestions to get back to sewing things I love. The remedy for me will probably a combination of several recommendations, mainly rest, re-orientation on what I like and want to sew, get inspiration in shops and browsing (sewing) magazines. Sewing a lingerie set will be the next thing. Marie-Christine suggested that and I bought some lovely lace last Saturday and yes, that’s something I can sew easily and feels so satisfying to do. I’ll use the Sewy Rebecca pattern that I'm sure of it fits, no experimenting with a new pattern now.


(picture is a screenshot from the Kantje-Boord website)

Marie-Christine made another remark that struck me: “Hard balance isn't it, keeping oneself awake with enough experimentation, and keeping oneself satisfied with good results?” I’m missing the experimental sewing very much. Trying a new technique, get out of my comfort zone on a special project. Must try to do that soon again as well. You  might see some lingerie experiments in the next weeks. Think my general garment sewing is on hold for a little while.

And also, I’ll eat some chocolate (good advice as well ;) and take some time with friends on a terrace (Valerie??).


  1. I was going to suggest something new with pretty things from Kantje Boord, but I saw the other post too late! Good luck!

  2. I see another pretty lingerie set in your future. One of the things about sewing such gorgeous lingerie is that you really do save money considering the outrageous price of beautiful lingerie, that and yours are truly unique.

  3. You can't go wrong with a new lin gerie set. :)

    If it makes you feel any better I've been going through the same sewing funk for five moenths now. I think it's hard sometimes to find the balance between TNT patterns that are succesful, and the boredom factor which leads to the desire to try new things. New things that are gret to try but the end results often fall short, leaving us feeling deflated.

  4. What beautiful fabric! Hope it does the trick. :)

  5. :-). Can't go wrong with a nice bra, or 12.

    I'm struck by what Valerie suggested too. It may be that with all this exposure to what all kinds of other people are doing, your clothing tastes might be stealthily changing out from under you? That'd explain at least the unsatisfaction with the finished products that aren't technically horrible.

    I've been feeling some of the same myself lately, same but different. I do know that I need to adjust my style to be more European-grownup, and less let-it-all-hang-out California hippie. And I kind of know how to do it, or at least how to go in that direction. But I also resent it, badly :-). So what do you know? My main finished project lately is not the grey pants I need desperately, but a lovely Hawaiian t-shirt, huge and very red leaves..

    Eh. No doubt we'll survive, and keep sewing.

  6. A pretty lingerie set would be so nice to make up.

    In my case life in general has been so busy that it has taken up all my time and sewing just doesn't seem to have a spot right now . ..but I know that this will change so I have accepted this lull in sewing and this helps me feel better :))