Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Notched collar

Nothing to show you at the moment, but following a link in a comment on Lindsay T’s blog I found the tutorial for the notched collar I used a few times now on the SewStylish blog. My experience is that this method makes constructing a notched collar relatively easy, with great results.

There were a few comments asking for the fabric of my Hotpatterns tops. I don’t know the exact content. I bought it at the market cheap (3 euro/meter) and it was the only bolt with this soft, drapy quality. I washed it, put it in the dryer (which I seldom do) and it remained very soft. Hope to find the same quality for myself soon.

Teddie (from the Netherlands) asked where to buy Hotpatterns patterns: the answer is to buy them online, the only sources I know are the Hotpatterns site itself and Sewingpatters.com.


  1. That's the method that I use and it's from an old Threads article, but they've added a newer jacket to the illustrations. It's the easiest method I've found and get the most consistent results from it especially since I don't make notched collars every day.

  2. You can also buy Hot Patterns from fabric.com, where they are occasionally on sale.