Friday, January 8, 2010

A quick project

There is very little sewing time for me at the moment. The new year started hectic again with work, which is not too bad. As I’m self-employed there always are periods with a lot of work and periods with less. And I’m happy that in this difficult time my business is doing well. As a consequence of all I do have business appointments more often, and I need a few more outfits for those occasions. Not too formal, but dressier than just jeans and top.

So: no serious sewing time but in need of new clothes, especially pants. I’ve been intending to make more pants, had bought all I needed for at least 3 and then the sewing mojo left me somewhere in December. It’s still not back, I’m uninspired and looking at my fabrics doesn’t even help. But finding a good fitting pair of pants in rtw is practically impossible, that’s why I started a pair of  pants yesterday evening.

Tomorrow the waistband will be added and then only the hemming has to be done. A relative quick project for which I used the same pattern as the last pair of black pants.

The fabric is dark grey with a white pinstripe and some blue, as you see in the selvage of the fabric

Fly front zipper, some chalk is still visible in the picture. I can’t see any on the pants anymore.

For the pocket I used one of the drafts that came on the dvd of David Page Coffin’s book “Making trousers”. Of course I had to match the pinstripes.

And I received an e-mail announcing the Knip Mode February. America’s first lady has a worldwide influence on fashion! Knip Mode made patterns for this outfit.


  1. Your pants are looking great, very nice job on matching the pinstripes for the pocket. I cut out a pair of jeans last night but it was a lazy snow day here.

  2. I saw that they made some patterns from Mrs O's clothing. I am still waiting for Stoffart to list January on ebay so who knows when I'll see February!
    I made a pants muslin today to adjust the final fitting issues that I have. I am surprised at how good the fit is. I need pants too. Lots of them, and there is nothing faster than using a tnt pattern. Nice touch to match the pocket stripes. Seeing your nice fly on the flat front reminds that Burda always has you put in a fly almost last after you've sewn them up It always escapes me why they do this.

  3. The fabric is very nice for your pants. Great job on the fly front and the pocket.

    I received David Coffin's book too and am slowly making my way through it. Nice that you could use one of his methods.

  4. Beautiful match on the stripes. If you can't find something in RTW it's a very good reason to start sewing in spite of the lack of inspiration, but I do hope it returns soon. And of course you can link to me, anytime, and thank you for thinking it's good enough for that :)) Happy New Year!

  5. I love that you matched the pinstripes on the is a wonderful detail! And wow that's an awesome spread on Michelle you've got me feening for the magazine!

  6. Great that your business is doing well. Your sewing mojo will return. Our creative brains take a vacation now and then. Make some great pants!

  7. Your story could be mine. Hectic first week and no sewing-mojo. But at least you started something. This could be just the thing to get you going again. I love pinstripes very much!!

  8. Wow, your pinstripe matching is perfect! Hope that perfection is getting the mojo flowing again :)

  9. Love that pocket shape. I'll have to look on my CD for those drafts, thank you for the reminder!

  10. Those pockets are stunning. Beautiful workwomanship.


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