Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jalie 2919 cardigan

Uninspired and sewing anyhow. It’s a bit of a contradiction, I know. Yesterday I looked at my fabrics and concluded I had nothing I wanted to sew. Sounds silly but I found out what is “wrong” with me: I’m longing for spring and am tired of winter fabrics and the default grey/black/blue that’s a large part of the fabrics I have. The weather has been very cold here for a long time, grey days without sun. Brr, I’ve had enough of it.

I even went to a fabric store to see whether they had some inspiring new fabrics, but no luck. There was one table with spring fabrics, but all with flower prints. Not too fond of those.

In my collection was also the print I now used for the Jalie 2919 top. Bought some time ago and soon regretted, as it was too much print. This afternoon I decided to stop lingering and make the cardigan top to test the pattern. The worst that could happen was I wouldn’t like the result.


It’s not that bad, though it won’t be a favorite top because of the print. It’s a nice long cardigan that comes well over my hips, a good feature for me.

The sleeves are very narrow (too narrow for a cardigan in my opinion) and the sleevecap is drafted symmetrical, which was not the case in earlier Jalie patterns. I don’t think this improves the fit of the armscyce and top of the sleeve. It’s not to be seen in the pictures, but fit could be better in that area.

A full review is here on PR.


  1. Thanks for the tip about the narrow sleeves. I just ordered this pattern and I was thinking about what I'd want to wear under it. Maybe some sleeveless tops are in order!

  2. oh, I really like it! I know what you mean about prints; they can be overwhleming. But I like this print very much and I hope you enjoiy wearing it.

  3. Thanks for the tip on the sleeves. I like the top and it does brighten up these winter days.

  4. Kathleen Fasanella wrote a post awhile back about armscye shape and symmetrical just doesn't fit as well. Thanks for pointing this out. I like the lines of this cardigan and the print is good for brightening up the rest of winter.

  5. I do like this print and this style. it does look very nice on you.

  6. I've got prints bought and then later regretted too. Sometimes it looks better on the roll in the shop then undergoes a transformation on the way home, lol.
    Thanks for the tips about the sleeves.

  7. I started this, but I made a mistake with my pleats. My fabric was thin and I ended up with a hole when I tried to fix my mistake. I didn't have enough fabric to recut to new fronts and I haven't brought myself to trying to carefully pick out the other side!! I need to just sit and do it.
    I like yours, though.

  8. I really, really LOVE bright colors in the winter. Like, bright yellow coats, hot pink jackets. It really gives a lift when the weather is dull and miserable, and bright colors look awesome against the snow.

  9. Oh, I understand about the grey weather. We have it here every winter. It is snowing again today, we're supposed to get over 10cm again. This is why I dreamed up Garden Path last winter!

    I like the style of the top very much, but see what you mean about the print being a bit much. Maybe a nice soft teal or burgundy solid color would be better. That's a little color without going overboard or too spring like.

  10. I like the print! I think you should give it a try, it might grow on you.


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