Friday, September 4, 2009

Adapted muslin

Laura, thank you very much for your timely comment. I saw it just before I went to my sewing room to cut a new muslin! I had traced the size 12, tapering down to 14 and did the fba when I read your comment and thought "I will try that first". A little later this is the result.

I was happy with all comments of course, and the general opinion was (like I thought too) that I could have started with size 12 in the shoulder/neck part. Again, only the right side of the jacket is changed.

I'm wearing a thin lambswool top underneath, and think I won't wear anything with more thickness under this jacket. It feels a bit snug, but like Lindsay T said, this is meant to be a snug fitted jacket. Am I ready to cut in the real fabric?

On the right is the new adapted version. For comparison I have put the pictures side by side.


  1. Oh, much better! You may be able to go even a little smaller overall. But that may be something you can tell better when you cut out your fashion fabric and then baste it all together. Check for fit again at this stage and then adjust as necessary. This is what Chanel jacket expert Susan Khalje would have you do.

  2. Much better! Btw, you make the prettiest "muslins" I've ever seen. Mine are always sooooo ugly. :)

  3. Much, much better! The question is where is it snug. The real fabric will take up more space than your muslin so I'd still cut the side seams wider to give you in case room.
    Yes, I agree, you make very pretty muslins.