Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some inspiration and plans

My skirt from my previous post is coming along nicely. Tonight I managed to squeeze out an hour to sew and made fitting adjustments. The fit is now right and I'm liking it. Next step is making the lining. Shouldn't take too much time, but could take me a few days with my present amount of sewing time.


In the meantime I like to share my next project, that I want to finish in the next two weeks. Being a bit optimistic here, as it involves making  muslins too. I want to make both the dress and the jacket. I want to wear this to a birthday party of a friend that will be held shortly after I return from holidays, making it necessary to have it finished before I leave.


I received some great patterns from Robin, she sent me designer Vogue patterns and I sent here lingerie fabric and notions. I'm so happy with those patterns, very inspiring. Let me show a few of them:

IMG_5668 This might be a great combination for fall, the collar is speaking to me (I have a preference for special collars and necklines). There's a beautiful bouclé fabric that I pick up everytime I'm browsing in my fabric closet, and never know which pattern to use. Probably I would show the buttons instead of using a hidden placket.
IMG_5669 For this jacket I'm thinking of a lovely white, structured cotton I have, which is just a bit too beefy for a normal shirt. It might be great for this pattern, making a "blousejacket"
IMG_5670 My all time favorite: Claude Montana. Will I finally make a coat? That's very questionable at the moment, but one can always dream.


  1. I just made a new look dress and quite happy with the pattern. I love the one that you chose. Perfect with a jacket!

  2. Your favorite is the the same one I like best. They will all look great on you.

  3. Lovely patterns. I have the Montana coat one too, not that I need a coat like that here, but I am a sucker for his designs! Good luck getting your party outfit done in time.

  4. The collar on that jacket is lovely - should frame your face really well. I've got that montana coat pattern and made the full length version several years ago before I really new anything about properly interfacing coats and jackets - it turned out great! I'm in the middle of making it for the second time in the knee length in some twill with a few variations for a sort of mac! Enjoy your hols

  5. I love that new look dress with the full skirt. Too cute!