Monday, July 27, 2009

New Look 6799 - muslin

After the skirt came out so good (thank you for all your nice comments), the pressure on the New Look dress/jacket combination is a bit less. In any case I can wear the skirt to my friends party, so this combination will be needed a bit later in september, which means that I can complete it after the holidays if needed. As I'm finally have some time again (it's been too crazy for too long with work) I shouldn't stress about sewing, don't you think?

The dress I plan to make definitely needed a muslin, in fact, it needed two. 

This is the first muslin I made, and when I tried it the camera batteries were not charged, so no pictures on me. I have only sewn a New Look t-shirt once, so I'm not familiar with their sizing and how accurate it is in patterns for woven fabrics. I went by high bust measurement and just wanted to see how that was in upper part of the dress. The neck band was fine, the rest of it definitely too small, also in the waist area. Of course I made the hips much wider. The armhole was too wide and showed gaping, so I knew I had to change it.

Time for a second muslin in a larger size (I've sewn both on Saturday afternoon/evening, it's not a difficult pattern). I took out space from the armhole and transferred the space to the bust dart. Now it was a bit too big, but easier to correct. My daughter pinned out some space center back and the side seams. I need a bit more space in the back at the armhole but further I'm ready to cut it from the real fabric. The skirt will be longer, I didn't have more of this "muslin" fabric. My final fabric will be a plain apricot color.


Of course there was no time to find a better place for pictures. DD was slightly impatient by this time.


  1. You'll love it when you get it right. I like the basic shape on you.

  2. Nice! I notice the armhole is less cut away than the envelope shows - did you change that?

  3. I just love that style of dress. It is so elegant.

  4. I agree, it's looking very good so far...

  5. I love the simple style of your dress.!! I too have a plain apricot color dress.