Wednesday, July 29, 2009


In my plan of using fabrics in my stash(collection) were ideas for 8 garments, sewn from 7 fabrics. In the meantime I've sewn 4 garments from the original plan, added a wrap top and a pair of pants (never posted about that one, just black linen pants). That means that 3 fabrics were not used yet. Considering the amount of time I had to sew, it's a good result. I'll make a new plan including the unused fabrics sometime this fall.

The New Look dress and jacket was not included in my plan, and I had no fabric that made a good combination. Good reason to shop for fabric, which was what I did last week. This is my fabric combination for this:

A bit out of my normal color scheme, which basically is white/black/blue/red and sometimes purple. I love the bouclé fabric with all the colors in it. It perfect with black too. But for September I wanted something not too dark, so no little black dress.

And in the remnants I found this dark pink color, which doesn't show very good in the picture, but makes also a lovely combination.


Still hope to get the dress done this weekend. And Vicky made a good observation: the dress seems less cut away than on the pattern envelope. I didn't change that part of the pattern, but might do it, as this is the distinguishing feature of this dress. I must check whether it won't show the shoulderstraps of my bra if I cut it in more.


  1. I love the boucle...don't want to use that for your faux Chanel jacket???? I have a "plan" for my stash also,so far so good,but new fall fabrics are calling me!!!!

  2. If you have somewhat narrow shoulders that would account for the lack of cutaway. This happened to me in a tank with cutaway, but I preferred it and figured that that's what would happen.

  3. I love how the contrast fabric just changes the look of the boucle! I never would have noticed the pink in the second combo. Very nice!

  4. The tweed/boucle is a great colour. Lots of matching possibilities.

  5. The fabric is beautiful!!! Can't wait to see the final product!

  6. You know how I love bouclé and this one is so pretty, Sigrid.

  7. I really like your new fabric choices and how they work with several different colors! These will make awesome garments!


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