Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sew along

How nice to see so much interest in a lingerie sew along. Like I said, I'm thinking of May/June. As my blog is on blogger, that's what I thought of as platform for the sew-along. But it could be Wordpress too. Any preferences? Those of you who use/used both, what are the differences? Is Wordpress easier to work with? I set up a testblog there some time ago, but didn't have enough time to explore the possibilities fully.

ETA: I'd like to restrict the number of particpants to 30. That means that all of you who have showed an interest till now can join the sew along when it starts, and there are a few places left.
It's not a class, but somehow it feels better that the number of participants is not too large.

If you're interested in sources for fabric and notions, please read the comments on my previous post, some interesting links there, and a free bra pattern mentioned, for which this is the link: Burdastyle. I never downloaded a pattern, as I don't like the print and taping together part of it, but I will download this pattern and perhaps try it in May. It can't be too many pages for a bra.

At the moment I'm not sewing a stitch, only working very hard. Will last a week or two probably. I won't tell you all the great plans I had, publishing what I intend to make seems the surest way not to be doing it.

So, after too many hours at the computerscreen today, I'm going to close my laptop, take the May issue of BWOF to bed to check what's in it (unopened for two days!). Very unusual for me not to open it right away.


  1. Thanks for setting this up Sigrid! I've only used Blogger but I'm open to using any kind of blog platform.

  2. If you have any places left, please count me in. I'm awfully busy and stressed right now but hope to be better after 11 April and I want sooo much to sew a bra for my sis!
    Hugs, Laura

  3. I'm so excited! This is going to be a lot of fun!

  4. Count me in, but an you explain a little bit of what you want to do exactly?

  5. Hi Sigrid
    Would love to join in, but realistically I can't until at least mid-July. :( Have fun with it, and if by some chance you end up delayed until mid-July, I'd love to play!

  6. I'd love to join the lingerie sew along. I currently make my own bras and panties. I'd welome an opportunity to share my bit of knowledge and to learn from others. Could be lots of fun.

  7. I'd love to join in a sew-along, but I'm in Australia. Is that going to be a problem?

    Also, I thought I'd take apart another bra that I have that fits properly, but is very tired.

    Thanks for running with a lingerie sew-along.

  8. Hallo Sigrid,
    encouraged by your beautiful bras, I started lingerie sewing myself in Dezember 2008. I still have some issues finding the right size and I definitly want to try sewing a padded bra. So when you have any place left in the sew-along, I'd love to join you.


  9. I would also be interested in the sew along. I have sewn all my undies except bras for years, and I would love to learn how. Also, thank you for recommending the book on bra making. It is now on my wish list.

    I love looking on your blog at the garments you have made. They are beautiful, not just practical.


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