Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Topstitching and tutorial fly front zipper as pdf

As part of my 5 projects that I posted about early November, I'm making the gored Knip skirt again. This time in a light weight denim and adding a more visible topstitching, as suggested by Summerset at the time I finished my first one.

For the topstitching I use the G├╝termann thread that originally is intended for home decorating projects and not for topstitching. It's sold on a grey bobbin.
And I use a topstitching needle and a larger straight stitch. All those tips I have found on PR and blogs in the past year, just summing up here once again.

The topstitching itself is done in two rows. The first row is made with the blind hemming foot exactly to the seam line and the needle a few positions to the left (don't forget that, otherwise your needle will break, how I know??)
The second row of topstitching I make with a normal sewing foot, usually my transparent one. This one I use a lot, because it makes it more easy to see what you're doing. Depending on the distance you want between the stitch lines, you can use the outer side of the foot or the guideline on the foot to go over the first stitchline. And of course the needle position gives you even more flexibility.

For those interested in tutorials: I have made a pdf-file of the fly front zipper insertion post of September. I found a possibility to share a file, as this is not possible with blogger. Really looking for this, as I find it difficult to make a good layout with blogger, especially for a tutorial.

I do plan to make pdf-files of all my tutorials posted in the past half year. What do you think? Will this be helpful? And what other tutorials would be helpful? Is there something you're looking for and that you think would be something for me to write? Let me know, I'm not promising anything, but would like to know what I can do to help other sewers.


  1. Please do. Of course it will be useful (you really doubt that? ) and very much appreciated. As for tutorial ideas... To me anything sleeves-related cause I always end up with a headache ;o)

  2. Great topstitching tutorial, Sigrid! And I echo Berry; your tutorials are greatly appretiated! I loved the bra series: I was able to find lots of new info there!

  3. Ups, sorry for the typo; I meant *appreciated*

  4. Please do! I'm working on those BWOF pants next and it would be great to have tht in PDF form.