Sunday, December 9, 2007

One jacket out, one jacket in

Thanks to those who advised on the jackets. It's very helpful. The second jacket is definitely not going to be made by me. Look forward to versions of Tany and Vicky, but am convinced now that it will not work on me.
Summerset said that it should be longer to look good on me, Vicky that the style should show the waist. They're both right, but if I show my waist with a wide jacket, it will give more accent to my hips (which is not a plus of me). And for me that would only work with a sheat dress under the jacket, not with skirt or pants. I know because I tried a short jacket in a shop a few months ago.

The first jacket after a little tweaking in the back: with one shoulderpad, couldn't find the other one, and didn't have another pair. I narrowed the back in the princess line a bit, and a bit more in the waist, as suggested by Nancy K. A bit too much in the waist I think.

This is the fabric/lining combination that I'm going to use (sale started in a fabric shop with great quality fabrics, so I bought me a nice capsule of this bouclé, and black and brow fabric for skirt and pants!)

There is still a need for a second jacket, as I want to make one of the brocade I've shown you a few posts ago. Thus, another muslin for BWOF 12-2006-109. Also a princess line jacket with a special collar. Only to be seen in the line drawing, as the picture in the magazine is hiding this nice detail.
I like the general style for me and for the intended fabric.
After tissue fitting for the neckline, I lowered the gap on the neckline 3 cm, which is better.

The pattern needs more tweeking. For the sleeve the ease as such is good, but the marking for the shoulder point seemed incorrect, and the front had too much space in the side panel, resulting in puckers while sewing. Both problems must be addressed first.
And look at the difference one shoulder pad (on my right) makes on the back!

That's enough blogging for this weekend,


  1. I like the newest jacket you've chosen - the length is good and the neckline is interesting. Don't we always find interesting details in Burda's line drawings?

  2. Yes, I like this one too. Maybe the shorter jacket won't suit me as I have a high waist.....mmmm....

    I think you have made good choices for your jackets. And I just love those fabrics!!!

  3. This jacket ia another favorite of mine! Excellent choice!

  4. I really like that boucle fabric with those buttons. Can't wait to see your progress!