Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Deadlines met

No sewing deadlines, I do have three projects with deadlines this week for work. That's why I've been sewing so little the last two weeks, and in general are not commenting or reading reviews. The deadline for the first was met tonight, and I feel relieved, as the other two are almost finished too, and probably won't require working in the evenings too. TIme to sew again!

I received a few patterns yesterday. I don't know when I get to  make them, but let me share these: Vogue 1066 and 1087. The suit on the left I bought because of the pants pattern. I wondered about this pattern when it was released, as I liked the pants very much, but had my doubts about the jacket for me. Still doubting, but when I saw Tany's version of the pants, the pattern was high on my list. The dress will be an experiment, I like the style, and the only way to know how it will be on my is to try it. Ann just published her negative review of this dress, but I'll have to give it a try.

image image

The last few stitches on my bra were done.


You can find the review here. I'm very happy with the result. As I said in my review, I should have cut the lycra in the center front a bit smaller than the tule layer underneath, that would have prevented the pleat. But I'm surprised with this first time result for this pattern and new pattern supplier.

On the sew along: I'm still thinking about the number of participants. I've made the blog on blogger, as I've seen that most of you have a blogger account. I will open the blog to participants not before May! Then we can start discussing and sewing along.


  1. Those pants are awesome! The dress apparantly is somewhat of a puzzle, but gorgeous when it's put together.

  2. You're good at figuring things out, so I think you'll manage the dress. Maybe read the directions and then put them aside and figure it out on your own. Sometimes bad directions hamper our understanding of how it really goes together. I just read Ann's review so I understand your trepidation! The pants I love, but the jacket on narrow shoulders? I have my doubts too.

  3. Good luck with your deadlines.

    I've been sewing muslins (yes plural) of those
    Vogue pants, even before I saw Tany's. A warning - be sure to sew yourself a muslin too. If you look at the photo on the model you can see how tight these pants are across the front upper thigh.

  4. Wonderful bra, you do such incredible work.

  5. Lovely bra. I like your fabric choice.

  6. Deadlines... I have the same problem at work; I have so little time to sew these days, and so many plans in my mind... sigh. I'm working on a BWOF trench coat and it's taking forever just to assemble it. I am incredibly behind on my blog reading and publishing... Oh well...

    Your bra turned out beautiful! Your work is impeccable! I wish I could follow along the Sew-along but I feel it would be too much for me now...

  7. Those pants seem to have a really good fit!
    Theresa from Sweden


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