Wednesday, November 25, 2020

From disaster to acceptable

As we all know you sometimes want to get a little outside your comfort zone and try something new. For me this now meant sewing a different style t-shirt. The basic picture of this one is just a slight variation: v neckline, dropped shoulder but not too much, little accent line center front. The pattern is from Ottobre issue 5/2016. Let me say there's nothing wrong with the pattern, but it doesn't suit me.

Dropped shoulders are not my favorite, but felt I'd try again and thought they were not too much dropped. Wrong conclusion, the result was horrible.

I do have narrow shoulders and a full bust. Not a good combination for this.
On a positive note: I love the accent line center front. 

When I pinned the sleeve higher up, the look was beter already, even if done only provisionally.

The next thing I did was using a basic Ottobre t-shirt pattern (from a 2007 issue) and compared.

Quite a difference. I cut all the seams from the shirt, kept the hem on the bottom and on the sleeves. 

Better, although I think that the original width of the body was slightly better. For me the fit is a bit too tight in the back now and there's still a little pleat forming above the bust. It's a nice layering piece and I'll wear this version. 

The neckline was finished with a small strip of the same fabric. The construction of the original pattern was quite different and the center line a seam stitched inside out. I've cut it on the fold and stitched a very narrow "pleat".

A little detail on how I did that (I know a lot of you like this kind of detail!):

  • I pressed the center front
  • Put in a strip of water soluble material (tip: don't press with steam afterwards, it will wrinkle, look bad and give you a fright. When it's all solved it will all be straight again though! How I know.....?)
  • Stitched a straight line only a few millimeters away from the center front
  • Removed most of the soluble material
  • Continued further construction

That's become quite a long post.
Enjoy your day!


  1. De details strip en mv leiden van de onvolkomenheden af. Ik heb dezelfde combinatie qua schouder/bw. Ik heb hier nog een niet passend truitje. Ik maak het af en geef het weg.

  2. Het ziet er verder wel goed uit bij jou hoor. Dat vergat ik te zeggen.

    1. Dank je wel. We hebben allemaal een misser op z'n tijd. En ach, als je iets koopt is het ook niet altijd een succes.

  3. I'm not a fan of dropped shoulders either. I think your sleeve adjustment makes the top look much better despite the few wrinkles. You can adjust that on the next one. I like the Centre front detail too. The way you did it leaves a neater finish and no raw edges to worry about. I looks lovely on you.

  4. Oops! Should read "It looks lovely on you"!

    1. Thank you! Fitting is a continuous work in progress ;)

  5. Een leuk shirt geworden. De aanpassing schouders/ mouwen staat je inderdaad veel beter.
    Bedankt voor je gedetailleerde beschrijving van je werkwijze mv

  6. Dank je wel. Leuk dat je de uitleg waardeert.

  7. Nice save! The center front seam IS a nice feature. I also like the neckline.

  8. Perfect save and love the centre seam.

  9. I can sympathize with you,since if a garment does not fit to my liking it is just not on. Looks so much better and is lovely now!

  10. Well that was good save . I have similar issues but my shoulders also slope a bit !! I incorporate a small dart in the front Armscye to take out that little pleat . Works well. Thanks fro the front detail. That was good to know about.