Monday, June 18, 2018

Inside of dress 1351

An update with a few photos of the inside of Vogue 1351. The lining has a deep neckline with darts, to which the cowl of the dress is sewn. No seam edges visible


I made sure the dress was folded a bit inward at the armholes and the edges were understitched as far as possible. The light blue was the only colour I had available and as you don’t see the lining from the right side, it works well.


The lining with the darts keep the dress close to the body. No unwanted exposure when moving in this dress.


I really love this pattern and am thinking of making another one soon.

PS: in my previous post I mentioned making a center back seam, that was not on this dress, but on another one.


  1. This is such a pretty dress on you. It drapes so nicely, thank you for showing the interesting finish at the neckline.

  2. Interesting lining - thank you for sharing.

  3. I was thinking about a cowled dress, but I was being whiney about how it all worked. I've read books, seen patterns, but it all eluded me and my cowls looked horrible. I should have lined them and attached them at the lining!! Duh!! I love my bodices lined, even in the summer (cotton is a fabulous fabric). I now know how to do it. Your pictures have my brain on happy.

  4. Looks beautiful to me. Myself I use this method

  5. It's a great dress on you. The lining is well done and looks light and comfortable. Certainly the perfect summer dress.

  6. Beautiful dress and the way the lining is constructed is perfect.