Saturday, October 17, 2015

Jacket with notched collar

I can’t believe it’s October 17 already and over a month since my last post. Time flies very hard at the moment in which I did not sew a lot. I love making jackets (did you notice ;)), started another one a few weeks ago but only continued working on it tonight. Again it’s a self drafted jacket. It’s based on the same sloper I used on my previous jacket but now with a notched collar.

A few in progress shots, the collar and facing are pinned to see how it all goes together and whether I like the black faux leather stripe (I do).

IMG_2127 IMG_2128 

The rest of this post is not sewing related.

I spent a lovely holiday with my husband in the Peak District (UK). Most of the days we spent with long walks, the weather in general was good. Such great views.

DSC_1509 DSC_1592


We visited Chatsworth (Pemberley in the movie Pride and Prejudice)


and Masson Mills, now a museum, but once one of the first cotton mills/factories, dating from 1783. We saw machinery from the 19th century that is still working. Impressive place, it must have been very hard to work there. The machines demonstrated already made so much noice that you could hardly hear anything, imagining many of those machines working at the same time and workers not being protected is not a good thought. But such craftmanship and inventiveness to build all those machines is impressive.


IMG_2050 IMG_2046 IMG_2039 IMG_2038  IMG_2027 IMG_2042

I have some catching up to do on blog reading too, there’s a long list of unread posts…..


  1. Hi Sigrid! Your jacket already looks beautiful :) How lucky you are to have visited Chatsworth/'Pemberley'. I love those grand English estates.

  2. Leuk leuk, dat je zelf bent gaan tekenen! Ik ben ook begonnen met in plaats van voor de jongens broeken te tekenen (dat deed ik met de computer), voor mezelf te tekenen. Super-superleuk om te doen en dat geeft zoveel voldoening!
    Ik kwam jouw naam tegen op een blog uit Servië, zo grappig! Ik won de give-away van Rhonda Buss, het laatste nummer van SewNews, juist vanwege het jasje op de voorkant (ik ben ook een jasjesmens), waarvoor ze een column hebben waarbij je een goed zittend patroon van jezelf ombouwt, zo ook hierbij, erg leuk. Op internet vond ik vervolgens de schrijfster van het artikel, zij blijkt in Servië te wonen en ze leest o.a. jouw blog. Ze heet Ana Jankovich en haar blog heet Stepalica, misschien ken je het ook.

    1. leuk dat je zo via een Servisch blog op de mijne komt. Ik heb haar blog wel gezien.
      En inderdaad veel voldoening dat patroon tekenen.

  3. I leave quite near to Chatsworth and often go to walk in the grounds. Sounds great.

  4. No women or young person must clean machine whilst moving? ...but it's okay for a male to? lol?

    Is your second language (or first?) German?

    1. Strange sign isn't it. that is why I took the picture.
      My first language is Dutch, but I do speak German reasonably well. What made you think German might be my first language. just curious.

  5. Lol, well I took German in high school so I can usually recognize it when I see it, and what you wrote looked kind of like German, but I couldn't pick anything out so I was not sure. And now I see - not German.

  6. The Peak District looks wonderful. As does your jacket. :)

  7. Love your photos - gorgeous scenery. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Your jacket and its trim look beautiful and your trip looks like a lovely holiday break. I love the walking paths in England and envy the people who can just walk down the street and find a public footpath across fields and hills. Not the same here where I can walk in my neighborhood but have to drive to a public park to get out into nature.

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