Friday, April 17, 2015

Inspired by rtw

Hello dear readers, my absence was not as long as expected. The sale of our house did not happen (yet). Quite disappointing but well, it’s what happens and life goes on. My sewing room is still the same, though a few things are packed away to make space. It makes for a few things I can’t find (bias tape maker this week) that I always knew where they were. Don’t feel like unpacking all though, because we still hope to sell in the next months. 

In the meantime: I’ve started sewing a bit again and this week I made a simple t-shirt with a little twist, inspired by a rtw shirt.

The inspiration piece (Claudia Sträter)


My version.

IMG_1247 IMG_1246

IMG_1245 IMG_1240

So easy to make, using a t-shirt pattern that you have. On the neckline I took 2 centimeters from the shoulder and drafted a new neckline and marked the point where the new and original neckline crossed. The original neckline is the line the band is following.

I cut the neckline with a little seam allowance from the notch up, no seam allowance center front and back where the neckband is attached. Then I interfaced the seam with a strip of light fusible to get stability and topstitched. The neckline band has a finished width of 1 centimeter, which meant cutting a strip of 4 centimeters wide. After a firm press I pinned and basted that strip over the neckline below the notches, stretching a little to make sure the neckline will be close to the body. Topstitching the neckband finished and attached it in one pass. (I close the neckband after pinning most of it, so that I know where to put the seam).

Cute detail, don’t you think?




  1. Sorry to hear that the house is still on the market but glad that you did get a chance to sew. I love the t-shirt and the details! Very cool!

  2. SO glad you are back!!!! You are such an inspiration. Great t-shirt, so simple and yet, really cute.

  3. Clever little detail. Glad you got a chance to sew.

  4. Lovely detail ! And good luck with your house sale. We also sell a two flat house we rent but don't live in. The market in Montreal is slower.

  5. Oh sorry to hear about the roller coaster - but I imagine you are in good shape for the next potential buyer. Glad you could tackle a top - the detail is really cute.

  6. Cute top! That's a really fun detail.

  7. This is a great top and love the unique neckline. I may have to give this a try.

    I can understand the disappointment on selling the house. Hopefully the next buyer will be a long soon.

  8. What a stylish detail!
    Welcome back and thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Very cool neckline treatment. I'd like to copy it.

  10. Cute top! I have a Mart Visser shirt looking almost the same, but constructed differently. There's a neckband all the way round and a second neckband on top of that, splitting at the same spot as yours. So the mid front and mid back part has a double neckband, the shoulder part has a single band and a strap.


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