Friday, February 6, 2015


I voted in the Bargainista Fashionista Contest 2015!

Not asking to vote for me, but have a look at all the wonderful entries and if you are a member of Pattern Review, you can vote for the 5 entries you like best.


There is a lot going on these weeks in my life (all positive), not a lot of sewing though. I will share a bit more info on the dress but it has to wait. The review of the dress with some additional info is here.


  1. I voted! There really are some wonderful entries.

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I will go and vote now. Glad to hear your life is going so well!

  3. Ik heb voor je gestemd. Wat een geweldige jurk, heb er van de week nog aan zitten denken, zoveel indruk heeft ie gemaakt!


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