Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bra making tip – band elastic not wide/stable enough

Recently I bought some new fabric and notions at Kantje Boord (the famous shop in Amsterdam) and the color elastic I wanted was not available in the quality I like for the band. I prefer the elastic in the band wider and more stable. There is some weight to be stabilized ;)

Initially I thought to use a different elastic for the band but working on it tonight I came up with another solution: sew the more narrow elastic to a wider one.

The two elastics that I sewed together before sewing it into the bra.

DSC01377   DSC01376

The bra in construction: on the outside only the colored elastic is visble, on the inside you see the more firm elastic.
Thought it worthwhile to share. I’ve discarded elastics in the past because of the fact that I could not find a good firm one for the band. Probably will use this myself more often.



  1. This is a great tip!

    Even though I wear a small cup, I like a stable elastic on the bottom and often the elastic in kits is not strong enough, so I will definitely be giving this a go.

  2. Your bras are always so exquisite, this is such a clever idea as the edging is perfect! Lovely as always.

  3. What a great idea! You've made another beautiful bra.

  4. Such a creative idea, and it turned out so well. Really lovely, and the bra looks beautiful!

  5. Fantastic idea. Love that lace too:)

  6. Dat heb je slim opgelost.....dit is het onthouden waard....

  7. Dank je wel voor deze tip heb nl ook een smal elastiek en ga deze nu ook zo verwerken.

  8. Wat een handige tip.
    Ik ga hem ook een uitproberen.


  9. Brilliant idea. Love being able to use what you want, when you want. How comfortable is it to wear this way? Do you notice the bulk?

  10. Hi I have followed you for about 2 years.I sew my own but have to redraft almost every pattern 38G to J depending on who made it in the first place can't buy on line or in a store any more have made 3 bras that fit good. I sew strap flat edge to flat edge and made it 2 inches wide for straps or I get no lift also takes care of shoulder grooves. thanks for being there when we need you

  11. Hallo,

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    Er zijn alles soort fabriek van kwaliteit aan kleine prijs (vanaaf 6 tot 18 euro per meter). We proberen ook om elke maanden een nieuw selectie te maken. Je kan aan onze nieuwsbrief inschreven via de site voor meer info. Misschien aan de volgende verkoop

  12. Another beautiful bra. I am still on my bra making journey and trying to find elastic and lace. I have tried to use Kantjeboord but don't speak Dutch so am unable to find plush elastic. Any help appreciated. Thank you so much for your tutorials - they really do help.


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