Monday, August 19, 2013

A puzzle

I fully agree with the comments on the dress that the front didn’t look balanced. Partly due to the unfinished state of it, partly because it was not yet fitting well. In the meantime I’ve finished the seam allowances of the front and took a good look at the fit. It indeed needs more space in the hip area and I wanted the center front higher. No easy task with this pattern with all the special shaped pattern pieces.

An example: there are no shoulder seams as they are on the back (decided to leave them as they are, there are changes enough). I have drawn a line from the shoulder point to the neckline to make a reference point for the neckline change. It took me quite a lot of time for all pattern changes and I’m not even sure yet that it’s correct. Still have to change the facing pieces. I’m debating making another muslin or taking my chances with a risk of complete failure and loss of fabric. Making this 3 times is not a fun idea either. Guess that I know what to do: another muslin.



  1. I too bought this pattern in the recent sale and, like you, loved the dress. I'm glad you're tackling it first though and then we can all learn from you. That's a lot of changes you're making - I hope when it's my turn that my fit will be as good as yours.

  2. This looks like a dress that needs a lot of finessing if you don't have narrow hips!

  3. I struggle with most Vogue Patterns, hence the Vogue V8333 jacket pattern that lays in it's unfinished form in a box on the shelf. I do love the dress you are working on and have that pattern in my stash but have been so afraid to even attempt it. I will watch and learn from you before I pull it out.

  4. I'm making this dress too, and I've found some errors in the instructions, plus one omission that can ruin the entire look. I've contacted Vogue and they are looking at it. I do wonder if anyone actually made the dress before they printed the pattern, or if they just studied the designer original and the pattern pieces from DK and went off those.


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